Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Night Out

my son just called from work to thank me for the concert tickets last night. he really enjoyed the music. what's so interesting is that the singer was from america and sang chassidic ashkanazi songs. i guess in his heart , my son is still ashkenazi despite his food preferences and religious customs. i also enjoyed myself too. i bought an extra ticket for safta miriam and filled up her gas tank so that she could have a night out too and also be our chauffer. she is one heck of a driver, i must say! we weren't exactly on schedule but we arrived before the concert actually started and i was very impressed with how orderly things were done there. we were also very fortunate to find parking relatively close to the theatre.

i have to admit that i was a bit nervous on the way to the theatre. i haven't been out of zefat for over a year. i kept imagining the most awful things. i started to pray in the car that baby sahar should grow up with both of his parents and that we should have a safe return to zefat. i then handed zvi the standard traveller's prayer to recite for all of us. thank goodness that i was more normal on the way home. i opted to wear my short wig last night and made an effort to wear a little eye makeup and lip gloss. i have been running around as a total 'slumpadink' all year long. it still is difficult to do eye makeup with my facial paralysis. it looks a lot better but it's not 100% healed and i don't know if it will continue to be better. it should be my worst problem in life!

during the intermission, i treated gal and miriam to ice cream cones and i had two really strong coffees (lattes). zvi had another red bull. he apparently, is addicted to the junk. he had two on the way to the concert. i don't know how i can encourage him to stop drinking the stuff. they had a boy's choir from america and it brought back memories from when zvi was a little boy. either i or my mother would take him to see boy's choirs whenever possible. when he was five or six, he was actually in a choir from his school. i can still remember his solo and how proud i was at that time. he used to sing a lot at home and at the shabbat table. every once in awhile, he will still honor us with a few niggunim.

i kept day dreaming about my grandson sahar. i was trying to imagine what he would look like and sound like as a little boy. i was also fantasizing about taking him to a concert on my own. i pray that i will live to see him grow up and have a lot of years to bond with him like my mom did with my son. i believe that i am becoming a sentimental fool in my middle age. i get to babysit for sahar this morning when gal goes to the dentist.

i am travelling with miriam and her husband later today to make a shiva call in another town about 1/2 hours from zefat. we probably won't return until 9:00 p:m or later. miriam's sister-in-law lost her father last week and i have enough of a relationship with the young woman to visit her. it has been a rough couple of years for this lady, having survived lukemia and the loss of both of her parents. she has three sisters who have become chabadnikim. i look forward to meeting them in spite of the circumstances. gal wants to come along too. the entire clan will be there en mass. i think it will be too much for gal but i have learned that my opinion doesn't always count. i look forward to other nights out in the future.

shabbat shalom!


  1. sounds like a full day then and coming up.
    enjoy the small things in life.

  2. It sounds like it was a good day to be had by all.
    It is really sweet of you to babysit for Shachar, and to offer when Gal goes back to work. You put a lot of energy into your family, which is a big kol hakavod in our generation.
    Have a good Shabbat.
    Michal from Jerusalem

  3. 28 people read my blog and i only heard from 2 of them. what's a middle aged jewish woman got to do to get more comments out of you?