Sunday, December 20, 2009


it's nearly 12:00 a.m. and i'm really tired. i'm just beginning my laundry detail. last night after shabbat ended, i received another request for help with the laundry from my son's mother-in-law. her husband, hasn't successfully fixed the washing machine yet. she brought over 2 large laundry baskets and a third jumbo size plastic bag filled to the brim. i used my super large cycle and i still have 4 batches to go. i have never seen so many towels in my life. of course, i stuffed them all into the dryer and after an hour or more they're still damp. i wasn't outside today so i don't even know if it's raining.

i spent a few hours this morning babysitting for sahar. he slept for about two hours so i really only had to deal with him for about an hour. i was trying every trick in the book to get him to giggle but no deal. at least he wasn't crabby or whining. he drank a bottle of 'mommy' milk and seemed satiated. he loves to watch television. gal put a cartoon on for him and he watched the entire thing with great amusement and concentration.

last night, michal and i watched 'australia's got talent' to about 1:30 a.m. we got hooked on mark vincent, the amazing 15 year old opera singer. then we switched over to 'britain's got talent' for a short while. i went to sleep with a huge amount of dirty dishes on the counter and in the sinks. i only got around to washing the dishes a couple of hours ago. i washed out the glass bowls from the chanukah menorah and finally put it back on the shelf. i had wanted to go to the supermarket but it just never happened. i had a request this evening from zvi for some left over chicken soup. gal ordered the usual, french fries and vegetarian wieners. i fried up some frozen prepared morrocan 'cigars' for them after they didn't like the taste of the mini meat pockets that i brought up.

on tuesday night, my son turns 23. his wife wants to throw him a surprise party and asked me to make a dairy lasagna. she likes it but i don't know how it will go down with the rest of the sephardi clan. i'm thinking about making mini pizza wheels. they do eat pizza. i may opt to buy frozen mini pizzas, and cheese barekas. and of course, there will be french fries on hand. maybe i'll come up with an innovative potato dish. we'll see tomorrow how mulch energy i have. the plumber is coming around noon to clean out the boiler. and a couple are also coming to check out the downstairs for a possible short term rental. i was supposed to get to the store to buy liquid laundry softener. i decided to do the laundry without any and use the dryer sheets to compensate.

i also decided that i wanted to bake the cake for my son's birthday. i know that the family probably likes miriam's cakes more than mine. but i want to do my own thing this year. i'll use white flour instead of the usual, rye or whole wheat. i want to decorate it more or less imaginatively. i don't care so much about the taste. i am definitely going to use paper plates. i need to buy balloons and gift ribbons. i have babyish birthday napkins and a few sparklers left over from the last birthday bash. i am going to invite my family to join us later on for dessert or a late night supper. the following evening, we are going to carmiel for a live concert. i am really looking forward to it.

i spent a few hours this evening selecting photos to highlight the many milestones of my son's past 23 years. i want to mount them on a huge piece of oak tag and make a presentation. i have photos of the bris, pidyion ben, first birthday, second birthday, first day in cheder, his first haircut, and many others through bar mitzvah and up until army. i need to copy a picture of him as a groom and as a father. i'll ask gal to borrow some pix tomorrow. what a shame i can't make a slide show.

anyway, its down to the laundry room for me. it will probably be another few hours again. oh, sundays!


  1. Laundry is one of my least favorite household duties. I don't mind the washing and drying so much, but I can't stand the folding and putting away! You are a good woman to do all that laundry for someone else! I am impressed.

  2. you know me - i can make the slideshow for you, just need all the photos scanned in jpeg formate. just don't wait 'til the last minute!

  3. the trick to drying laundry in the dryer efficiently is to not fill it all the way- - only half full - especially when it comes to towels. and dry like materials together. i speaketh from experience in working by families for over two decaded!
    and no mention on how your Shabbos went with the Cookie Monster?
    i had a great time even if ckoie gobbled up the last two cookies.