Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Staying In

last night was a bust. michal came over early in the evening. as we were both really hungry, i quickly heated up the chicken breasts and made a few french fries for michal. it was really turning cold. i found a warm turtleneck sweater to wear and a warm valuor snood to match. suddenly, moments before we had to leave, i started to feel uncomfortably warm. i can't say if it was a real hot flash or not but i immediately, ripped off my turtle neck and snood and put on a lighter woolen top. moments later, once we were outside, i was frezing and chilled to the bone. it was also very windy and i frantically, wrapped my thin woolen cape around the right side of my palsied face to protect it. it made walking much harder. i had a hard time seeing the pavement. we tried to flag down the bus on the wrong side of the street but he wouldn't stop for us. so we had to wait another five minutes or more in the cold for him to turn around.

there wasn't much of a crafts fair at the hall. there was one stand and table full of very used clothes for sale and another table and stand of somewhat more expensive new clothes to buy. i spotted a realitively inexpensive, nice looking skirt but i had to go downstairs to the bathroom to try it on. it didn't really look that flattering on me. i guess i've gotten used to wearing 'moo- moo' style skirts. i still need to drop another ten pounds to look more trim. there was a table of natural face and body creams but i was not feeling up to blowing a lot of money on myself.

the speakers began the program so we made our way into the hall. there was only a hand full of women in the audience. the men were on the other side of the room seperated by a huge white sheet. the new young mayor spoke first and it took all my willpower not to shout something rude at him. i've had my share of problems with the city. the head rabbi spoke next. it is usually a pleasure to see him speak but i was very uncomfortable in my seat. it also made me nervous that it was so empty. thank goodness it began to fill up. i wish i had known what time the musical portion of the evening was scheduled for.

there were long discources by several rabbis that seemed to go on forever. i started feeling warm again and started to have a headace. i actally fell asleep at one point. why can't these speakers keep it short and sweet. by the time the singers came on i was ready to go home. the music was actually quite good but i needed some gum or coffee. there weren't any refreshments served. i find it hard to go three hours without a coffee.

i ended up giving a monthly check of $10 to support the women's yeshiva and couldn't wait to get home. i couldn't catch a ride home so i walked up to town and found a taxi. the night ended up costing me over $100 and i didn't enjoy a moment of it. i am staying home today and not budging from my house. my head is still achey and i haven't had my morning java yet. i just ran outside to see if my gardener was here but the noise was coming from the city worker's leaf blowers. thank goodness, one less check i need to write.

it's cold and grey today. a perfect day to be indoors. a few of us are planning to visit a friend tomorrow, who is currently in an occupational rehab, in a nearby city. we are hoping to raise her spirits and bring her some 'goodies'. i'm babysitting for sahar and will have to bake some cookies a little later. the chocolate almond balls seem to be a great hit. mikimi even offered to pay for some. i often fantasize about going commercial but i know that it isn't really feasible here.

an old acquaintance from the states is coming up to safed in a couple of days and i'm really excited to see her again. i met her and her husband in safed many years ago and we have been communicating by snail mail and interet ever since. she has been reading the blog too. i also heard from a good friend in n.y. yesterday. she tried to internet chat with me but i forgot to hit "enter" and she didn't receive my messages.

i may be hosting my sister's niece from the states for about a month. she is planning on learning in a women's yeshiva in jerusalem. apparently, the school is on hiatus so she needs a place to crash. i wish i could make some money out of this but i know i won't. i keep asking family members to come up with a grant to make their own programs and use the downstairs. i can't seem to make the house work for me. in the meantime, i enjoy having my son and his family close by.

i just received a phone call offering me work from home. as much as i need the money, i can't commit to telemarketing from my home. easy come, easy go!