Sunday, August 24, 2014

We're Having A Heat Wave August 2014

it is 4:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  a group of 15 yeshiva students just arrived.  my big kids took off for a few days leaving me to fend for myself.  at least, i only have the grandson and 3 dogs to mind.  the granddaughter went to the sephardi clan.  the little kids have cracked up.  after being out of gan for 2 months and camping upstairs for nearly 3 weeks, they finally went nuts.  they both started screaming at the top of their lungs all shabbat long.  the nearly to be 3 year old was the worst offender.  she was a real brat.

my back went out after schlepping heavy mattresses and doing tons of laundry.  i was the one who stripped the beds and washed all of the sheets and towels almost every other day.   i also did all of our personal laundry when i had the chance.  i have been crippled for a week.  for a couple of days i couldn't bend or get out of bed easily.  after resting on shabbat, i felt a bit better.  it is unbearably hot and humid in zefat.  i walked over to a friend and left the grandson there while i ran downstairs to the supermarket to buy us all some milk.
my grandson wanted to go to my friends' house because they bought him a small 'toy story' present.  i want to go out at around 6:00 p.m. and buy us a small pizza at the local pizza shop.  it's a 5 minute walk.  the grandson wants to buy another small present at the local toy store.  these are the small bribes i pay to keep him in toll.  i am grateful that the little girl is not here.  she was beginning to get attached to me but lately she has become afraid of me.  i guess i have been potching them a bit too freely lately.  in my defense, they have been super wild and out of control.  they have been literally, climbing the walls here.

the little girl got hold of the heinz ketchup and was spilling it all over the chihuahua's blanket and dishes.  she also smeared juice all over the t.v.screen.  almost every bottle of juice was intentionally spilled on to the floor.  i have been washing the floors on a daily basis.  the little kids have been torturing all 3 dogs.  they especially torture the small chihuahua.  i have been refereeing between the dogs and the kids, between the two kids and between the 3 dogs.  i am totally worn out.  i have been drinking two ' bacardi breeze's a day. the kids go back to the gan next week and i go back to the hospital to scan my body  for cancer.  that's my day trip.

i need to get a blood test, pick up my medical referrals, buy the kids new back packs for gan, pay my water bill and check out my bank balance.  i'm hoping to do this all tomorrow.  dragging along a little kid will be hard.  i might just wait until tuesday.  the heat wave is supposed to end then.  it really depends on how early i can get out in the morning.  the heat is brutal here. downtown is about 5 degrees hotter.  i guess we'll play it by ear.  the yeshiva boys are knocking on my door every 5 minutes.  the dogs are going wild.  the little boy is getting wild too.  he keeps using the dogs' leashes as a lasso.

the yeshiva boys arrived and immediately put up a huge barbecue directing the smoke into my house.  i quickly ran around and closed all of my windows.   they complained about the pool being dirty.  well, the last 30 people entering it in black clothes, this past 3 weeks, didn't exactly help.  i couldn't afford to refill the pool so it is what it is.  next week we'll empty it and maybe buy a larger filter next year.  it doesn't help to tell people not to wear dark clothes in the pool.  that's what modest, pious people do.  i wish i got a chance to hit the pool today but i didn't.   the boys freaked out about sharing only one bathroom and shower so i allowed them to use the bathroom and shower on the third floor.

i hope they don't sneak upstairs to sleep.  i don't want them using the air conditioner.  they aren't paying all that much.  no one really did.  we are not real savvy business people.  we work like dogs and give our home away for nearly nothing.  i can't wait to see the new water and electric bills.  i keep reasoning that most of the renters were from the south where bombs were falling all summer long and we were providing them an inexpensive respite.  who; knows?

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