Monday, August 11, 2014

And The Heat Goes On

it is 2:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  it is hot today.  the family of 4 downstairs are a bit bummed out that we don't have air conditioner.   i'm also bummed out that i can't throw myself into the pool and cool off.  for the next two weeks the downstairs are off limit to me, the kids and the 3 dogs.  we do have wednesday free.  that means we can catch up on the laundry and the kids can be downstairs for the night.  my daughter-in-law does the cleaning.  she made up the couples' room to be picture perfect.  i never accomplish that look.  i offer clean and down home style.  you know where the sheets don't match the pillow cases. eclectic, you might say.

i slept with the two kids last night.  we were all exhausted.  i had taken them to an outdoor gymborie. rubber floats for days.  i spent a bunch of money on taxis and treats.  the little one was not happy there.  she did not enjoy bouncing on rubber mats and such.  she even cried on the choo choo train ride and was in general, a royal pain.  i had to carry her in my arms, to boot.  i spent the time screaming at both of the kids.  i was ugly.  i would potch them and then buy them candy.  it was just too crowded and too hot.  i needed a chair. my back was killing me and i hadn't slept at all, the night before.   yes, i shouldn't have taken them.  i thought it would be a good time for all.  i thought i could sit and watch them play.  i wanted to get out of the house for a bit.  i thought very wrong.

 my daughter-in-law was at work until 2:00 a.m.  they had to do inventory at the clothes store.  my son got back at 8:00  p.m. and set up his computer.  he could have made up the beds last night.  he got angry with me because i wouldn't help him lift a bed.   he had another screaming bout with me.  he finally got a neighbor to help him with the bed.  i went to sleep without talking to him.  some time last night he got another bed frame from his mother-in-law.  i was fast asleep.  my daughter-in-law had to get to work by 7:30 a.m.  my son took the kids to the other grandmother so we had a couple of hours to finish getting the roof top apartment together.  i took a break and ran down to the supermarket.  i bought myself two pineapple bacardi breezers and a package of chocolate icecream pops.

we are still short 2 bed frames.  we have a few days to deal with it.  next week we have 15 yeshiva students downstairs for two days.  i spent the morning running up and down the steps to the roof top apt.  i schlepped up chairs and a mattress by myself.   i made up the 5 beds because my son was late for work.  he was in a foul mood because he was late for work.  as i said before, he had the entire night to get the job done.  he chose to play on his computer, instead.  out of sheer desperation, i  helped my son carry up a humongous t.v. set.  that was awful.  i panicked on each and every step.  i felt my legs giving out.  i nearly dropped it more than once or twice.

if my son was capable of multi tasking, he could have simply taken up one of the wall t.v.screens from down below before the people arrived.  anyhow, we got that old clunker up the stairs.  and upstairs, it stays.   my son had to buy a dvd player today because the real estate agent said that the yeshiva boys wanted to watch movies.  why the heck do we take orders from the agent anyway?  does he screen the guests?  no he does not.  he has sent us some real wackos in the past and took no responsibility in getting rid of them.  he gauges the prices and takes 80 %.  we do all the schlepping, cleaning and laundry afterwards and he makes a good profit.  i am always left with enormous water bills afterwards.  that's the life , i guess.

i'm supposed to collect the money from the boys when they show up.  i feel like taking more for u as a service tip.  the family downstairs didn't  pay my son on arrival. they said they'd 'wire' us the money.  are you kidding me???  i told my son that it was absolutely not acceptable.  big entrepreneur!  doesn't know squid about the real world or life.  that's my fault for always being there to bail him out.  i haven't really prepared him for the practical side of life.

i put a sign on the pool that forbids people going in with black clothes.  my son got mad at me for spelling it wrong in hebrew.  religious people are very modest.  the ladies go in the pool with valour robes.  the pool gets black afterwards.  i go in a dress that doesn't run.  i already saw that the lady downstairs was wearing, you  guessed it, a black cotton robe.  the pool has only been used this year by me and my grandson.  the sephardi family never made it over to partake in any water sports.  perhaps i can throw a barbecue/ pool party when the vacation season ends. but then, everyone might be back at school.  oh just the thought of it makes me want another bacaardi breezer.

not.  does he clean up the apartment and do laundry.  no he does not.  and to make things worse, he gauges prices and keeps 80 for himself.  i get stuck with the laundry and payilng premium electric bill and water bills.

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