Monday, August 4, 2014

Been Down This Road Before

it is 5:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  the fast begins in two hours.  i already had red lentil soup, bread and cheddar cheese, macaroni and sweet potatoes and a glass of chocolate milk.  i already feel uncomfortable.  i went down to the electric company this morning to pay the bill.  i wanted to avoid any last minute hassles before we receive our paying guests next week.

i was supposed to babysit but i received a reprieve.  the daughter-in-law didn't go to work.  she drove me with the grandson and the new dog, chiwi, to the bottom of zefat.  the industrial zone looks like the wild west, indeed.  i was told that one can no longer pay one's bill at the company.  that's right, they do not take checks anymore and yes, we have another dog.  it was straight to the bank to withdraw money and hustle over to the post office.  before that it was take the grandson to a bathroom with the dogie and then pay my city tax bill across the hall.

my phone got disconnected today.  my bank returned the payment about 3 weeks ago.  i have been calling the company for weeks without ever reaching an operator.  i had no way to pay the bill.  i managed to order a bill to be sent to my house but i still didn't get it.  not having a credit card makes life a bit tricky.  my daughter-in-law actually reached an operator this afternoon and they agreed to put the payment through the bank again.  they also promised to turn on the phone.  it still isn't on.  oh well.....

last night about 8:00 p.m. my son pranced in with a cute white chihuahua in his arms.  the small kids went berserk.  they had been with me at the local playground for hours.  they had already had their bubble baths and dinner and were ready for bed, when their father came home.  i went ballistic. shades of the past.  all those dogs he found and rescued as a kid and as a young man came back to haunt me.  all those puppies that i slept with, had inoculated and found homes for and all those huge dogs he brought in that i made him get rid of and paid for someone to haul them out.

he has tried the dog thing several times since he's been married.  in the last 6 years he has brought in 4 dogs.  each time a dog would pishie on the floor it would be vanished by the wifey.  she is not a dog lover.  she is a neat freak.  she doesn't like dog hair and she doesn't like balagon.  i screamed at my son last night.  i called him a balogonist, and a child.  i told him that i wished he would show the same amount of affection that he bestows on this dog onto his own children.  he accused me of ruining his childhood.  i went upstairs after i got the kids to sleep and ate a huge bowl of ice cream.

i'm falling for this dog.  i can't have her upstairs because of the other two dogs that my son brought in 10 and 11 years ago.  she already started being aggressive with my pincher.  i really don't know what is going to be.  the owner wants us to breed this dog twice before she becomes officially ours.  i shouldn't say ours.  it's my son's dog.  and next week we are receiving 17 paying guests that probably don't like dogs.  i need to keep all three dogs hidden away and out of the paths of the guests.  i will be alone .  the kids will be at work and I'll be stuck with the guests and the dogs and probably the kids.

i have gained even more weight.  i haven't been this overweight in 30 years.  i am beyond stressed out.  i don't have a moment to myself.  next week we'll be all camping together on my floor.  that will be rough.  3 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms yes,  but only one t.v. and a computer that is on it's last legs.  it will be an endurance test.  to be continued.

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