Monday, August 18, 2014

Are We Having Fun Yet? Summer 2014

it is 1:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  i just got back from taking out all 3 dogs.  it's hot!  we have a couple upstairs for a few days and a family of 5 downstairs.  right now the family is in the pool.  i should be in the pool.  the pool is looking a bit murky.  we had a group of 8 teenage girls for a few days.  they made a lot of noise and went into the pool with long hair and dark clothing.  in fact, they left hair everywhere. the kitchen floor looked like a hair salon.

they came to zefat to make a shabbaton.  they were all from netanya.  they came up to tell me on friday that they couldn't get their shabbat meals made with just two electric burners and a toaster oven.  they were told up front that's what we had.  anyone else would have not gotten involved.  anyone else but me.  i gave them a desposable aluminum barbecue to grill their fish.  that solved the fish problem.  then they had the roasted chicken problem.  once again, i stepped up to the plate to solve another problem.   i allowed them to use my toaster to roast the chicken.  it took over 2 hours.  i then used my huge oven to roast two trays of potatoes for them.  and last, i used my dairy oven for their chocolate souffles.  the kitchen was unbearably hot with 3 ovens going on all day long.

i will have to pay for all that extra electricity.  i also ran downstairs to set up the hot water urn for them at the last minute.  i struggled to get my meals finished.  i didn't get to cook on thursday because i wasn't up to it.  i had little kids with me until 5:00 p.m.  i made a kiddies wading  pool in front of the house so the kids could cool off a bit and i could take a break. i  was away from the little darlings for a moment and they had poured a lot of water onto the front steps and onto my pincher dog.  she was shaking when i saw her.   the little girl dragged mud onto my clean floors and i was forced to rewash all the floors.  i was not having fun.

one of the girls downstairs got sick on friday night.  i went downstairs to check it out.  i thought that the situation might warrant a trip to the hospital even though it was shabbat.  we all turned in relatively early and the next morning my neighbor gave me a strange look.  i thought that she might be upset that we were renting downstairs.  i didn't pursue the matter.  a little while later, the young lady who had been sick asked me for cab fare.  she told us that she had been in the hospital all night long.  i never heard a fuss.  her friend didn't want to disturb us so she went to a neighbor for help.  how did that look to the neighbors??

my son and i got into a screaming psycho drama fight at lunch and he took to his (my) bedroom.  i went to the upstairs apartment and read psalms all day long.  i was shaking.  i felt that i could easily have slapped him.  no one knew where i was.  i took a long nap on a real bed.  i've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor all week.  when i finally came downstairs in the evening, my son apologized.  apparently, i set off his triggers.  i just started crying.  i couldn't look at him.  i took off for another few hours.  i went to a neighborhood friend and stayed until after havdalah.  when i got back my son was watching a sports game in my space.  i went downstairs and schmoozed with the girls.  everyone was fine without me. the girls liked me and wanted to hear my story.  they asked if i was a matchmaker.

the kids were going to town and invited me to tag along.  i declined.  i needed to be alone.  i finally lost my appetite.  who knows, maybe now i'll shed some of this awful fat.  i can eat just fine, but i don't have any more desire to eat a quart of ice cream.  amen!  i'm alone today.  the little kids are at their aunt's.  she's making a summer camp for them.  the rest of the family went off to hadera.  tonight starts the klezmer music festival.  the town will be packed.  i think i'll skip it.  i thought about going down to see the yeshiva's band but i feel to fat.  i know that's crazy.  i'm ashamed of how i look.

last night i made dinner for the family.   i quickly whipped up spaghetti, chips, onion rings and soy franks. yummy!  i opened up a can of mushrooms and the kids went crazy over them.   i ate a bunch of pasta.  i didn't eat anything else after that.  i did drink a lot.  i've gone through many bacardi breezers this week.  it's the only way i can remain civil.  yesterday, while everyone was out,  i washed all the towels and sheets.  the girls left the place trashed.  i washed the kitchen floor and i cleaned the electric burners.  they were also trashed.  i didn't know that we were having more paying guests that night.  my daughter-in-law, after a long day of work, came home and cleaned the entire house.  poor thing had a migraine later that night.  i gave her the t.v. corner and helped put the kids to sleep.

the upstairs couple don't mind the dogs so much.  they aren't thrilled but they didn't complain.  they are paying less than 100$ a night to stay here.  downtown people are sleeping on the floor for 200$ a night.  the lady needed to get to a mikveh so of course, i hooked her up with the phone numbers.  my daughter-in-law ended up driving her there.  when she came back my son drove them to a local pizza shop.  where do you get such personalized service?  the air conditioner unit is leaking a major amount of water.  i'm waiting for my neighbor to come over and fix it.  i wonder how much it will cost me.  i think i'll make out with maybe a thousand dollars for all my hard work and sacrifice.  big deal!!!  i'll buy more food for shabbat.

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