Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Early In The Morning

it is 7:00 a.m. in the morning.  i'm not on duty yet.  i let the dogs out and didn't wash the floors yet.  i am tired.  the fast went pretty well.  i spent the day listening to inspirational lectures on the internet.  i had the little kids with me on and off.  i gave them their morning hot chocolate and half of a pita with butter.  i explained that i wouldn't be giving out sweets on a fast day.  they survived without lolly   pops and chewing gum.  no one cracked up.

i managed to sleep a bit.  i put the regular childrens' television shows on for them and didn't get up a million times to change the shows, like i do on a regular day.  it was very doable.  about half an hour before the fast ended i cut up some fruit and made a platter.  i quickly made a tomato sauce from some canned tomatoes and boiled up some frozen store bought cheese ravioli to break the fast.  i had bought plenty of soft drinks and i had some honey cake on reserve.

the  kids were very appreciative.  i even helped put the kids to sleep.  yesterday  i was left alone with the grandson and the new chihuahua, "chiwi".  she got out and ran threw the gate onto the street.  i managed to catch her in front of the house.  it wasn't fun.  i spent the day checking up on her and taking her out for short walks.  my son doesn't want her spending any time upstairs with my dogs.  he is afraid that she will pick up their bad habits, like pishing on the floors.  he knows that with just one pish you're out of the old ball game downstairs.

the daughter-in-law is not a dog lover.  she is making an effort to please her childish husband.  it is like giving in to a terrorist.  it is a mess.  we do not need another dog here.  we need mature parents who will tend to their children.  both the parents come home after a really long day at work and neither one has patience to deal with their kids.  yesterday the pair didn't return until 8:30 p.m.  they threw some onion rings, fries and soy franks into the toaster oven for dinner.  the girl got bathed.  i had already bathed the boy.  they put the little girl to bed and i put the bigger boy to bed.  they took a walk.  i finished off the 'ben & Jerry's and watched some E news.  they came back after 10:00 p.m..

i have the boy with me today.  i also have to make shabbat meals again.  i am tired.  i am bored.  i am fat.  i am in a rut.  it is pretty much the quiet before the week we will have around 15 paying guests.  we will be camped together on my floor.  all 5 of us with all 3 dogs.  good luck!  my back is killing me.  sciatic nerve here we go again.  it will be grilled chicken, chicken meatballs, spaghetti kugel, piquant fish, wheat pilaf and an israeli salad.  i am keeping it simple this week.

i finally got the phone service back yesterday.  it took over an hour, 10 phone calls and 3 different personnel.  i ranted and screamed my head off.  i left the boy downstairs alone with the chihuahua.  they both survived.  after a few hours with the phone i got a message that the phone was being turned off again due to lack of payment. i give up.

we had an offer of a small family coming up for a week.  the woman was a neat freak.   i told the kids to pass on it.  t meant that my daughter-in-law had to start doing a pesach clean up at 10:00 p.m.  she was already screaming at the kids.  we need the money but not at the cost of any one's health or sanity.  we will have other calls, i'm sure.  we all need a couple of days to regroup after the fast.  a quiet shabbat will go a long way.  i know, i for one, am looking forward to a good nap.  i can't get one with my grandson.  he is the anti-sleep child.  he is non stop and never slows down.  he will have a melt down but doesn't nap.  he is the bunny in the commercial for batteries that don't quit.  i will pass out before he does.

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