Monday, March 31, 2014


it is 9:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.  i just got out of bed.  i usually jump up at 7:00 a.m. but not today.  i am tired.  my leg hurts.  i really can't move right now.  yesterday i washed the windows in the large bedroom.  nothing got lifted.  i just took a bunch of soapy water and scrubbed down the glass doors and screens on the porch.  i didn't remove any of them and i didn't use any windex.  it was just getting the dirt and pigeon poo out of the porch.

i did do a lot of bending.  the drain where the water goes down is blocked so i had to bail out a bunch of filthy water with my hands.  lovely!  i didn't use bleach and i didn't do a perfect job.  i just got it to look clean and not disgusting.  my mother used to sit outside on that porch every day.  no one has sat out there in years.  i use it for my laundry rack now.  the pigeons tried to take it over last year but i managed to get rid of them when i came back from the hospital.

the kids may be crashing here for a few days during pesach if they get a rental downstairs.  i wanted the 'guest' bedroom to be nice.  a couple of years ago they slept there and while they were out the dogs soiled the bed.  the door doesn't properly close so i leave a wooden board in front of it to keep the dogs out.  i need to buy a wooden latch.  one of these days.

i need to get up and melt some chocolate.  i went to town yesterday just to buy the sticks and small cellophane baggies to make the lollies. i was a bit pressured to get there and return in time to pick up my grandson from gan.  my daughter-in-law was at the dentist getting a root canal.  i stopped off at home first because i had some heavy packages.  she called to let me know that she was already at the gan.  she has a bad infection and couldn't get the work done.

i offered to keep the kids here because she was in so much pain.  i had them upstairs with me from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  i wanted to make them food in my toaster oven but it still shorts out.  what a shame.  it was a great toaster oven.  i pan fried up some frozen chips and corn schnitzels for them.  i made a couple of rounds of hot carob milk which i tell them is chocolate milk.  the little one kept asking me for candy.  one of the few english words she's picked up in my care.  i do have some bags of marshmallows in the closet but i didn't feel like opening them.  i was saving them for future barbecues.

although the kids were mostly watching television, i couldn't get anything done.  i gave them their usual bubble bath, which they love and gives me a bit of time to relax..  i had to run up and down the stairs to get their clean pajamas and bring up food.  i had to sit with them and color and keep them out of trouble.  i had to referee their fights and then clean up.

at 7:30 p.m. i took them downstairs to see their parents.  i diapered the little one and insisted that my son brush her teeth and put her to sleep. she usually falls asleep as soon as she hits the crib.  the boy requires stories.  i told him 'cinderella, 'hansel and grettel' and 'the three little pigs'.  finally he fell asleep.  then i had to make dinner for the big kids. i made frozen chips in the toaster downstairs for the daughter-in-law who was in agony and i made pan fried chips and franks for the big boy.

i hit the bed after 9:00 p.m.  i watched the telly not that i could concentrate on anything i saw.  i was that tired.  i also ate way too much.  i have gotten hefty lately.  there isn't enough food in the world for me.  i really got to get a handle on it.  i don't know what i can wear today for the 'haircut' celebration.  it is sunny but quite cold and windy.  i am too tired to do any more windows today.  i can't seem to finish up that pathetic empty fridge.  i want to shop tomorrow for pesach food.  i hope that my last check will clear.  i also have to get matzah from town.  and i need to buy chometz free dog food.  are we having fun yet?

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