Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Haircut Ceremony

it is 11:00 p.m. and i just got home from the haircut celebration.  i was told yesterday, that the haircut was scheduled for 2:00 p.m.   i didn't really do anything today except make about 50 chocolate lollipops.  it took about 2 hours.  i could only freeze about 10 at a time.  i had wanted to do my pesach shopping today but i couldn't schedule it into the haircut celebration.

i was told this afternoon that the haircut at meron was scheduled for 3:00 p.m.  the daughter-in-law came back with the kids and didn't have time to bathe them.  i took the time to take a long and very hot shower.  i had done a bit of a touch up varnish job on the chairs in between making the chocolates.  i was suddenly very cold and wore a warm black sweater and my usual black skirt with the elastic waistband.  i couldn't find any black tights so i threw on my knitted brown house boots.  i stepped outside for a moment and realized that it had suddenly gotten hot.

i ran back in and ditched the boots.  i settled on nylon knee socks and black mary jane shoes.  i wanted to ditch the sweater too but i didn't think i had the time.  we left after 3:00 p.m. and we didn't get to meron until nearly 4:00 p.m.  we seemed to have made a few stops on the way.  we were the first to arrive and it was very warm in meron.  we were situated in the sun and i couldn't deal with the kids running around so i made my way into the kever of Rabbi Shimon.  i sat down and read a few psalms.  i also prayed for my family and friends.  by the time i finished, i saw that the birthday boy and the clan had arrived.

as usual, we stood around forever, waiting for something to happen.  we watched a set of twins get their hair cut.  actually, just a little hair was cut.  in the interim, the kids ate dozens of  toffees.  they were wired.  the grandfather and father of the little boy each cut a piece of his pony tail, and then the kdis were given more toffees. then it was time for a few refreshments.  we had some cold sugary drinks, cakes, barekas, boiled eggs and then it was time to split.  other people ushered by with platters of nuts, dried fruits and cakes.  everyone had a simcha today.  one woman had finally given birth to a little boy after waiting for 30 years.

we finally got back to the bomb shelter in zefat for the meal and party.  it was just getting set up.  i helped place candies on the table.  they needed a lot of candies.  there were mini marshmallow ice cream cones, israeli m&ms in plastic holders that kept on opening and spilling onto the floor, and my white chocolate tsistis lolly pops.  of course, all the little kids grabbed lollies off of the table.  at least there was no dark chocolate mess.  the kids at one point, were eating m&ms off of the floor.  it was so noisy.  they had kids songs blasting on the karaoke machine.

there were about 7 or 8 kids running around the place screaming.  they were throwing and kicking soccer balls while they consumed more candies.  at one point, my granddaughter the ultimate sugar freak, was found eating out of  a bowl of sugar.  yes, she kept asking me all evening for some sugar.  i have never seen so much candy eaten at one sitting.  i pity their parents' dental bills.  these kids didn't have any dinner and they were bouncing off the walls.  the parents were all involved in conversations and didn't do anything about their kids, either.  i sat by myself mostly, and had a meal.  i couldn't engage in conversation with the younger crowd.   i helped clean up, organized the leftovers and garbage and actually went outside and threw it out by myself.

i came home and put the grandson to bed.  he was zonked.  he wanted me to tell him stories.  just when i thought he was asleep, he'd open an eye and ask for another story.  thank goodness, he finally fell asleep. the little girl passed out in the car.  tomorrow, i plan on going food shopping for pesach.  i may go to a class in the afternoon and try to buy matzah in town.  i am truly beat.  i'm off to sleepy land.  one haicut celebration down!

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