Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Last Supper

it is 10:30 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.   tonight is the last night of the pesach holiday.   i got up early and started cooking.   the kids said they were going to be here.  i had made plans to go to my friends for the chag but i recanted.   i broiled some liver in the toaster to make chopped liver and i made a pot of mashed potatoes last night.   i threw in a small piece of meat in a pot with a lot of wine and veggies.   i defrosted a package of chicken wings and 2 pounds of steak for a barbecue tomorrow afternoon.   i had invited my friends to join us but they declined.

this morning i was told that the kids were going to the sephardi family for the night meal and that they would return so that i could have a barbecue tomorrow afternoon..   first of all, my daughter-in-law told me that she hated barbecues and preferred regular cooked food on the chag.   my son was the one who was determined to make a barbecue, not me.   i also prefer cooked food on holidays.   i  told them that we could do the barbecue on shavuot.   i wasn't in the least bit, pressuring them to be here or to have to walk home tonight from the clan's house.   i was looking forward, all along, to being out with my friends for the holiday..

i had the little kids with me for most of the week while their parents went to work.   it was picnic at the childrens' parks all week long.   i made dozens of eggs and chips to feed them.   i even resorted to cooking up hot dogs.   i was invited to join them on an outing to tiberias on wednesday night.  they were taking the kids to a show at a new maul.   i fried up a batch of chicken cutlets and latkes for them to take along to the maul.  at the last minute they asked if i wanted to do a barbecue with them out of town.  their timing is always off.   i had already made food for them and i hadn't defrosted anything for a barbecue.   it turned out that there was absolutely no place for us to sit and eat, forget about barbecuing, in tiberias.  they were packed..

the maul was packed and noisy.   my head was spinning.  my son, who hadn't eaten anything, was in a foul mood.   we had been caught in a traffic jam and of course, missed the kids' show.    the kids were given a choice as to which sweets they wanted to buy; in lieu of missing the show.   the little kids were wired on sugar and the daughter-in-law was wired on shopping.  my son and i were miserable; sitting on a bench and watching the kids.  my son finally cracked up.   i suggested sitting outside the maul and eating some food but the daughter-in-law didn't think it was respectable.

we ended up driving for a while until we reached the gravesite of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness.  it was packed.  all of the picnic tables and benches were filled.   we walked around for a pretty long time and finally sat down on some steps in a square and i took out the food.   the kids ran around and we ate some solid food and drank pinaeapple drink.  after a while,  we entered the kever to pray for a bit.   we then rode over to the promenade and spent some time walking around and checking out the commercial stalls.  the grandson got a pony ride and a toy.  both kids got ices and sugary drinks.  it was absolutely, lovely, near the lake.  it was packed but pretty peaceful compared to the maul.  the sea air felt wonderful.   i was feeling good.  it was the first time in many years, that i left my home on pesach.   i can't remember the last time i visited tiberias.   we got home before midnight.

i went to my sister's for the friday night meal.  it was also the first time in years, that i joined her on a shabbat.  it was quiet.  most of her family are out of isreal.  her son is in med school in new york and her daughter is in new delhi with her husband and 4 kids.  she just gave birth to her 3rd girl.  my sister's youngest daughter went to delhi to be with her sister.  so it was just my niece, and her brother and his wife and of course, their new baby boy to visit with.  everyone was exhausted.  my brother-in-law got drunk on the kiddush wine and was going on and about something in hebrew.   i couldn't really catch it.   everyone went off to sleep and i walked home and met some neighbors on the way up, so i had some company all the way home.  yesterday, i went to my friends for lunch and slept most of the afternoon away.   i finally felt tired after all the week's work.

i called my friend and offered to bring over the meat that i had started cooking for tonight's meal.  she readily agreed.   i also offered to bring over chopped liver but she wasn't interested.   my son and my friend and i love chopped liver but the daughter-in-law doesn't.    i  thought about making two batches of liver; one with wine and onions, and the other, chopped with hard cooked eggs and fried onions.   i don't think i have the energy.   we are having a heat wave and it's most uncomfortable outside.  the house is still cold but i feel a bit under the weather.  i'm ready for a nap.  the holiday ends tomorrow night.   and then it's putting away all the pesach utensils.   pesach should be more than just a week.

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