Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday Afternoon

it is 4:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  i got to the doctor before 9:00 a.m. so he took me right away.  i got all the initial paper work done and got a prescription for a face cream for my son, too.  i spoke to the receptionist/clerk and asked her to trace what happened to all the travel receipts i turned in a couple of months ago.  she's been here for years and i truly believe she is a burn out.  she told me to wait to see what happens.

i tried to explain to her that i only received a portion of all the receipts i handed in on the same day.  i wanted her to make sure my envelopes were not lost.  she just couldn't get it.  this is money that i desperately need right now.  it's hundreds of dollars.  as i left the clinic the bus to town was standing right there so i hopped aboard.  i wasn't planning on going to town because i was rather tired.  i went straight to the pharmacy and bought a tube of face cream for my son.

the jewish mother in me possessed me to walk over to the gallery where he works.  after all, he needed the face cream, didn't he?  anyway, i got to see the new gallery.  i am proud to say that it is much improved and looking good, thanks to my talented son.  i then started up the street to the chabad house to buy matzoh.  i got distracted and walked past it.  i was suddenly in front of the home of someone who borrowed my mom's holiday prayer book.  i have been planning on retrieving this for nearly half a year. it was now or never.  she was glad that i came to finally take it back.

i then headed, once again, towards the chabad house.  instead, i stopped off at the supermarket downtown to see if they had any hot dogs for pesach.  i didn't buy any and went off to buy matzoh.  i got to the chabad house around 10:00 a.m.and it was locked.  i was told that the manager wasn't coming until 10:30 a.m.  i didn't have the patience to wait so i walked on over to the rabbinate office to sell my chometz.  by then i didn't have the energy to return to the chabad house so i tried a local store in town.  i found matzoh and was even able to give a head check.  i found pesach disposable coffee cups so i was a happy camper.  i'm not into using my dishes this year.

i caught the bus back home and stopped off at my friend's home to see her new tablet.  i honestly, didn't know what a tablet was until today.  i hung out while she showed me all the marvelous things she could do on her new toy and i drank tea.  i had to get home and rest.  i was wiped.  i got ready to pick up my grandson from gan and once again, i went to the supermarket downstairs to check out the specials.  i bought a small horseradish root for the Seder.  tomorrow i'll have to return to buy drinks or maybe i'll wait til sunday.  we'll see what the kids have downstairs.

i started to defrost chicken breasts to fry up cutlets but i couldn't find breadcrumbs in the store.  they are pretty much ready for pesach.  i thought about using the cornmeal in my pantry to make a breading but i decided not to fry anything at all.  i defrosted a couple of chicken bottoms and i have left over meatballs in sauce in the freezer.  i threw the chicken bones in a pot with some carrots, potatoes, and onions and a a root veggie.  yes, we'll have chicken soup on friday night.  i will serve couscous with the chicken.  we'll eat the meatballs on saturday.  i bought some fish fillets that i'll cook in a red sauce tomorrow.  i bought some pesach mayonnaise so i'll make a small amount of both potato and egg salad tomorrow.

my grandson and i had omelets on a roll and chocolate milk when we got home. i came a bit early so we caught the local bus close to home.  i am beat.  it's time to get undressed and into bed.  my grandson is already in bed playing with something or other. it's my turn to relax.  my back and neck are stiff.  i will do the clean up tomorrow.   no more energy today to do anything else.

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