Sunday, March 30, 2014

Varnish It

it is nearly 4:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  i am on babysitting duty in a little while.  the weather took a change from heatwave back to winter and we had a bit of a rain storm.  i didn't want to get out of bed today.  the windows are still in tact.

i didn't want to do any pesach cleaning today.  after shabbat, i washed the dishes and hit the bed.  i ended up babysitting until midnight.  i was beat.  i felt guilty skipping a day so i decided to finish the fridge.  it wasn't a day to do laundry.  i looked at the dining room chairs and thought about dousing them with soapy boiling water.  i cleaned out the utility closet under the sink and found some mahogany wood varnish from a while ago.

i suddenly got an idea to re varnish the bottoms of the chairs and the places where the dogs had chewed off many years ago.  i went for it.  i ended up doing all 8 chairs but it didn't stop there.  i decided to paint in all the designer areas of the antique furniture that are dusty.  you can't really get into the spaces with a rag.  i used a kid's coloring book paint brush to do it all.  i have lost my mind, i know.  i then did all the handles and feet of the antique furniture, too.

i am afraid that when it all drys it will look awful. it will be a thick and sticky mess instead of a thin veneer.  the house reeks of varnish, to boot.  not healthy at all.  i must have breathed in varnish for hours.  i didn't even use gloves and i got some on the tiles..i don't know how i'll get the tiles clean before pesach.  i don't have any turpentine in the house.

tomorrow, i have to go to town to buy white chocolate and make about 50 tsittis lollies for my daughter-in-law's nephew who turns 3.  we all go to meron on tuesday for the haircut.  then we go on to the festive meal at the bomb shelter near the clan's house.  that's a full day away from cleaning.  i am falling behind. i have created an impossible situation for myself.  i hope i didn't mess up all of the furniture.  how many days will it take to clear out the smell of the varnish?  i still have a few chairs that are darker wood that i'd like to varnish.  what's wrong with me?


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