Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning

it is 6:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  i'm beat.  i did a 5 hr. cleaning stint this morning.  i have pretty much, been averaging 5 hours a day doing my pesach cleaning.  it's really more than just pesach cleaning.  i'm making up for all the work i didn't do last year.

i've shined the silver spoon collection and washed the kitchen windows and screens.  i washed the curtains and already rehung them.  we had a warm and sunny day, perfect for windows and laundry. it will probably storm before pesach, but i don't care.  the windows didn't get done last year and i couldn't bare another minute staring out of those filthy windows.

i wanted to run to the supermarket, as i received some great coupons, but i was too tired.  the kids are here for shabbat and i'm tempted to serve the leftovers from the purim meal.  when i mentioned it to my daughter-in-law, she seemed a bit concerned.  i have liver, spicy chicken wings and meatballs in the freezer.  the last thing that i want to do is make another cholent.  i can save the leftovers for after pesach.  i have a small fridge  with a tiny freezer upstairs.

i'll see what's available at the super tomorrow.  i'd love to start shopping for pesach already.  perhaps, i'll go to the big super on sunday.  money is a bit scarce right now.  the kids are in a real financial pickle, too.  i put away my small meat toaster oven for pesach already.  i needed the counter space for the cleaned fridge parts.  i already did my freezer and am in the middle of the fridge.  i get bored easily and start other 'projects'.   i can't seem to get the fridge finished.

i did most of the kitchen cabinets and the silverware drawers.  i have thrown out a bunch of kitchen stuff. anything that was weighty, or had a scratch or chip got chucked.  i threw out a bunch of party dishes that were never used.  in fact, the labels were still on.  i needed the cabinet space.  i am trying to simplify life.  i want to be able to navigate through the kitchen and pantry with ease.  i cannot stand clutter.

i had the best time ever, today, at my friend's.  we tossed a bunch of junk that her husband left in the back yard.  he is a real pack rat and i don't know how she manages to deal with it.  she waits until he leaves the country and she goes to work.  i felt so great tossing all of the junk.  we were supposed to go to a torah class in town but she was a bit under the weather and i was half asleep.  throwing out the junk was a real high.  having lived, most of my life with my mom who was a 'saver' / hoarder, it felt therapeutic helping my friend clear out the yard.

i already cleaned the bedrooms before purim so i will do a quick sponger before pesach.  the large bedroom needs a bit more work.  the windows,  glass doors and porch need serious scrubbing.  i still need to get upstairs to deal with the pigeon takeover.  yesterday, cloey the pincher dog,  got hold of a pigeon and wouldn't give it up.  she growled at me but i was able to get it out of her mouth without getting bitten.  there was pigeon feathers all over the house.  i needed to do a thorough sponger.  i can't remember how many buckets of scented soapy water got thrown around..  the floor was still wet this morning.

my grandson joined me this morning at 6:30 a.m.  after he went downstairs, i got up and started cleaning.  i should have finished the kitchen cabinets and or the fridge, but instead,  i tackled the windows and curtains. yes, all 6 windows.  they were pretty light in weight.  i can't take the living room windows out.  i need to ask my son to help me.  i haven't done them in years.  i need to wash them next week.  i have 18 windows on this floor.  some are very small and do not come out.

my son wants to make a seder here.  i was hoping to go out.  my friends may not be in zefat and i can't eat at the in-laws on pesach.  it's more work for me.  if i keep on keeping on my cleaning routine , i just might get finished a head of time.  i think that every year but maybe i do have a shot at it.  the seder is on monday night and i could cook on sunday night, if i get everything finished.  we shall see what we shall see..

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