Thursday, March 27, 2014

Windex Is In The Air

it is 5:20 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  actually, it is only 4:20 p.m. but i turned the clocks ahead this afternoon in case i forget tonight before i go to sleep.  yes, we are officially getting an extra hour of daylight.   i think that means we are also, losing an hour of sleep.  i'm not sure any more about anything.  oh well.  i passed out yesterday around 7:00 p.m.  i was exhausted.  all that windex and sun wore me out.  my nose started running and i started feeling sick.  windex will do that to you every time.

i didn't expect to be well today but voila! i am back on my feet.  i spent the afternoon catching up on laundry.  we are having another heat wave so hanging out the clothes was a charm.  i got dressed because i want to hit the supermarket.  those coupons are burning a whole in my pocket book.  i know that when i actually get there, they won't have any of the things on sale, but still, i can't wait to look around.  i will take my trusted, rusty, shopping cart to handle the heavy items.  why spend money on a taxi?  probably because it is easy.

i tried to limit my cleaning activities to the kitchen even though i was tempted to go to another area of the house.  i did clean out the bottom of one of my bedroom closets.  i found a lot of over night bags which i was happy to throw out.  i don't go anywhere overnight and i no longer belong to a gym.  even when i did go to the gym i didn't bring a tote bag.  anyway, i wiped around the dust, tossed out an old scrabble set and rearranged my boots.  i don't think i'll be wearing them any longer.  you really never know.  it once snowed right before pesach many years ago.

i am beginning to feel tired and i can't seem to get a caffeine buzz.  i don't drink coffee any more and i hardly ever drink cola.  tea doesn't do anything for me.  i can't go near green tea because it reminds me of the days before i went away for my cancer treatment.  yes, i still use the 'c' card whenever possible.  i almost finished  cleaning my kitchen.  i still have the gadget drawers to go through and the fridge to clean.  it didn't storm yet and my windows are still clean.  they are a bit stained and streaked but i'm not a perfectionist.  window cleaning is a man's thing, i think.

none of the women on my block do the pesach windows.  i've only seen the husbands do it.  and no one except me, would ever do it before a couple of days before pesach.  it's a real competition on my block who has the cleanest windows, house, car and patio.  i'm not fit to be in the competition. i can't possibly win.  last year i warned my neighbor not to leer at my windows because they weren't getting washed.  but, then last year i had just recovered from cancer.  this year i have no excuse.

when i say that i cleaned my kitchen that doesn't include the small kitchen where i do my cooking and baking.  i still have the dairy toaster oven and the real oven to clean.  also, the walls need to be scrubbed down.  that's the real nitty gritty.  that's what kills me every time.  that's what i was doing around 6 years ago when i got bells palsy.  that was one nasty experience.

i don't think i will do another thing after i return home from the supermarket.  i'm too tired to even cook.  i thought about making chicken soup but i think i may skip it and use my purim leftovers for shabbat.  i really am trying to pace myself.  next week i want to tackle the dining room chairs and the living room windows.  all i need is good health and a lot of stamina.  i am getting a bit nervous that i might get stuck with babysitting stints soon so i am trying to get as much done as i can.

i am also trying to shed a bit of weight.  i gained a ton after chanukah, lost some and regained a ton.  i just want to let you know that i am wearing a grey wig in the purim pix.  i was 'chanelling' my mom on purim.  my friend thought it was spooky that i looked so much like her. my son was dressed as a nerd.  he started wearing an indian costume and huge feather head band, which i spent my last 20 shekels on.  suddenly, he was inspired by a pair of black rimmed nerd glasses and he was extremely funny to look at.  he was the son i had always wanted, for a day.

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