Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Independence Day

it is 9:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. i thought about going down to the seniors' center this morning but i think i will have to skip it. i really need to go downstairs and spruce the place up. if upstairs sister was up now i would go and get the kitchen utensils that i store there.

the gardner is here and i just paid him 2 weeks earlier. the guilt offering present that i received yesterday, was burning a hole in my pocket. money isn't static. it's meant to be shared and passed around. anyway, it is just one bill that is off my head this month. the gardner mentioned that i looked well. believe it or not, i am tanned, 12 pounds lighter and my teeth are shining. i may have even smiled this morning. no, i didn't go to a halth spa or mountain retreat. i simply, have been eating well, walking more, sitting outside in the garden and of course, going to the dentist.

my neighbor across from me, once again, won this years' independence day flag war. he seriously, hung up 12 huge flags. i put up my one meager, kind of pathetic looking, stretchy material flag from last year. i don't buy newspapers so i didn't receive any shiny new flags this year. the adjoining neighbors didn't even put up a fight this year. shlomo won hands down. he is the official reigning flag king. it looks a lot like i am living across the street from the israeli embassy. it is really something! sorry that i don't have any pix to post.

i want to thank all of my loyal blog followers for the loving support that i have been receiving. it would have been enough, dayenu, if you just read the blog. i know how i tend to go off on a subject. i am overwhelmed by your generous comments and concern. i am currently havng a computer glitch that prohibits me from publishing your wonderful comments. hopefully, i will make enough income soon to get someone in to overhaul my computer. please keep reading and commenting whenever you like.

i woke up this morning feeling completely exhausted. it actually feels, like i was run over by a truck. it could be dehydration. i don't remember drinking very much yesterday. it could also be the letdown after a particularly, momentous day. i am taking it slow right now. i will drink some coffee and just chill out until i feel stronger. i probably need water. it isn't easy for me to drink any.

i had to take the dogs for a stroll a little while ago. it was a bit late for them. i have been going out at six or seven in the morning, all week long. the male charge left his calling card all over the kitchen. i will have to do a few buckets of water sponger today. right now, i can't move by body. my back aches. sitting in the dentist chair for over an hour, wasn't easy. it was worth it.

i am not a high maintenance type of gal. i get my sun from sitting in the backyard. i use vaseline on my skin. the oil of olay, isn't cutting it anymore. i eat simple foods like yogurt and almonds. i buy skirts off the sales rack for 10 or 12 dollars. i am happy with the simple pleasures of life. i don't crave lamb chops or steaks. i am happy with kebobs, chicken wings and franks. i don't dream of godiva chocolates or 7 layer cakes. give me a few dried dates and i am in heaven.

my plan of ation today, is to set up the downstairs kitchen. i want it to be ready for the prospective tenants. i also want to make up the bedrooms. my biggest fear is that upstairs sister will make a huge racket and scare off the tenants. i have to be positive. i gave these guys a really good deal. if they don't want it, they don't want it. i have to just keep putting my name out there. i have another dogsitting job in a couple of weeks. that will pay for another tooth to be bonded. we are having fun now! if this was a t.v. sitcom, it would probably end now.

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