Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Peeved

it is 7:00 p.m on thursday evening in the holy city of zefat. i am still peeved about the kids leaving. again, it's not that they left. it's their lack of courtesy and concern for me.

in spite of this, i managed to have a good time in town before i came home. i didn't want to be home when they left, anyway. spiteful? just a bit.

i found a little pink ballet costume in my purim closet. i must have found it in a gemach, in former days. i thought that it would be just right for little baby mussie in new dehli. i bought a pink headband and a small pink crown. i'll paste the fuzzy crown onto the soft hairband. i also bought these little ballet slippers that will be way too big for her now. it's the site gag that i'm going for. it was much harder to buy something for mendush. he was a clown last year and i don't like to repeat costumes. finding kosher animal costumes isn't easy. they did have a sheep costume but it was a bit expensive.

i'll treck into town tomorrow and check the other stores. i think i'll let gal pick out her own costume for sahar this year. i'm still peeved. remember? i can't wait to get mussie's outfit together.

i also found some very cheezy ribbon that will make my friends royal dress, look more silly. it was getting a bit too serious for me. i feel like a contestant on project runway. i also found some gold crown hair ribbons. i detached the rubber bands and voila! the dress is becoming a purim statement, already.

i just ran down to the market to buy some milk. i splurged on a bottle of baccardi rum and a bottle of dewers whiskey. it's supposed to be for purim. i might just help myself to a sample tomorrow night. after all, while the cats are away, the mouse will play.

i'm feeling better already. blogging is amazing! better than pyschoanalysis any day. i wonder what would happen if zvi ever read my blog. maybe i should email him this week's blog. i'm overdue for my coffee, so i'll wish you all shabbat shalom!!

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