Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Alone Again!

it's 5:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. looks like i'm alone here for shabbat. i just happened to run into my daughter-in-law and grandson in town. i had finished volunteering at the seniors' day center and decided to check out the toy stores for purim costumes.

i completely walked by gal and a couple of her sisters and my grandson. if her brother-in-law hadn't stopped to say hi, i would have missed them. that's how i am in town. it's like i walk with blinders on. anyway, if i hadn't run into gal, i would not have known that the kids were leaving today for shabbat.

i actually, did have some sort of clue this morning. i heard the television and went downstairs to see if anyone was home. i had already seen zvi leave for work and he was totally mum about travelling today. i searched the baby's day room and then turned off the television. i also took the liberty of turning off the night stand lamp in the kid's bedroom. that's when i saw the packed over night suitcase. ding, ding ding!!!

i am honestly, okay with being alone. i am not thrilled that the kids didn't mention their plans, yesterday. if i hadn't seen gal in town, i would have gone slightly mad, when they didn't return tonight. i would have thought the worst. i hope i'm not being petty. i just don't get these kids, one bit.

i kind of want to pick up and go away for shabbat, too. let's face it, i hate to travel. so i will make myself; a little chicken, eat a little roll, drink a little wine, read my newspaper and call it shabbat. i almost feel like going over to the sephardi's for dinner.

maybe i'll venture to town tomorrow. it's been ages since i went into town on a friday. maybe i'll even splurge on a coffee. who knows? the sky's the limit! i'm free!!! maybe not so free. i have my laundry to do. the house is a mess and the floors need washing.

right now i have to make it back to the little supermarket to buy some milk. i already was there a little while ago. i splurged on a bottle of baccardi rum and dewers' whiskey for purim. who knows? perhaps i'll get to sample them on shabbat. when the cats away the mouse will play! shabbat shalom!

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