Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Another Sunday Morning

it is 1:00 p.m. on sunday in the holy city of zefat. i have been in bed watching old love movies all morning long. i didn't have to take care of my grandson today. it was quite fortunate, as, i never fell asleep last night. i did nap for a bit on shabbat but i just couldn't nod out last night.

i have been heavily binging on sugar again. this is the worst that i've been in years. i practically, devoured an entire cheesecake by myself over shabbat. i made a lot of salads and cooked a lot of beets and carrots but i don't think that i had any.

the kids took sahar out for a walk after lunch yesterday and he passed out in the stroller. luckily, he stayed asleep with me for nearly three hours. i nodded off for a bit with sahar in my arms. my friend said that it would have made a lovely photo. why is it always on shabbat that we wish we could have taken the really good shots?

i started looking on line for purim recipes. i want to have a huge bash here. our new religious internet carrier was filtering many of my recipe sites. how frustrating was that!

i'd love to call my son to complain and enlist his help in turning off the filter. unfortunately for me, he is out of town today at a wine show. i am helpless. i don't know if i'll have the patience to make hamentashen this year. by the way, the price of apricots and prunes is sky high. if i do make any hamentashen, it will be out of
poppy seed filling. the oranges and lemons on our trees are finally in abundance now.

the sephardim make 'folares' which are kind of like colored easter eggs in a barekas like dough basket. i can't imagine being that industrious. perhaps, i'll buy the prepared dough and give it a go. it would make for a nice purim gift.

last year, i made chocolate CDs and put them in the plastic slips that i bought at the computer store. i would love to start now but it is way too cold in the house to function. i already bought two packages of the block chocolate to make the purim clown lollypops.

i started reading about traditional purim foods. i have never made kreplach. perhaps, i'll buy a package and fry some up. lentils and chick peas are also in style. i could buy a mix of rice and green lentils. i have already bought chop meat, turkey parts and tons of chicken wings. i found a poppy seed cookie recipe but the comments were very negative against it. apparently, the recipe called for too much flour.

i guess, if i'm going to potchke, i might as well make the poppy hamentashen. i already started on the costumes and purim shtick. i just can't seem to follow through on anything. maybe it's all the sugar. ya think?

i took sahar with me to visit my sister last week. her computer was dying but we managed to make a skpe visit to my niece in india. she was so happy to see sahar. her son mendush wasn't so happy to see sahar sitting on his bubbie's lap. i started trying to get sahar to call me bubbie but it was a no go.

our little monkey climbs up the little play slide at the end of the street now. he also, slides down, head first. he is fearless! he nows rides his little red plastic donkey quite vigorously. he also climbs into his stroller and stands on it.

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