Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Blog Again

it's 10:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i'm back online again. yesterday our internet server was down. i spent countless number of hours trying to get to a technician who could speak english. i listened to the same recording on their voice mail until i wanted to scream. i was ready to cancel the new provider but i couldn't reach anyone live to speak with.

gal came up at 10:00 p.m. to ask me how to disconnect the router. i had tried that earlier in the day without any success. this time it actually, worked. i was like a junkie all day long without my fix. i wanted to look up purim recipes. i wanted to go online. i felt so disconnected from the world. i missed an invitation to go out for lunch. with my male caller.

my phone was also disconnected since saturday. i had completely forgotten that sahar had ripped out the wire on saturday morning. i simply, figured that no one was interested in speaking with me. in truth, i was too tired to speak to anyone, too.

the baby had his own frustration while he watching his favorite show. for some reason we lost the picture and only had the vocals. he was losing his little baby mind. thank goodness, it came back on right away. what did we all do without cable and internet in the good old days, anyway?

the weather has been cold and rainy and we're all feeling a bit pent up. it was warm for a bit today so i took sahar for a little stroll to the grocery store. it turned cold a short while afterwards. we went out without our coats. it got warm again so we stayed outside in the garden for awhile. the dogs were having a ball and sahar was putting his socked feet in the high grass. i was sitting on the warm ground.

sahar was not into napping today. he finally passed out at 1:30 p.m. and slept until 3:00 p.m. i hit the net. he wasn't interested in eating, either. i made him an omelette, i heated up some macaroni and cheese, i made a fresh chicken in wine, i cut up some cheese, i opened a can of tuna, and i opened a vanilla pudding. he wasn't having any of it. he did drink a few bottles of milk.

i have been back on my low carb diet this week. i've eaten tons of carrots and beets which is forbidden on phase one of the south beach, but i don't care. i'm trying to avoid sweets and binging. i am afraid to weigh myself. i will try to be good until purim. i just don't have any physical activity, except from crawling on the ground after sahar.

i have been looking up all types of traditional purim dishes on the net. i found my poppy seed hamentashen recipe. perhaps, i'll start to bake next week and freeze everything. i'm thinking about making the chocolates, too. i think they'll stay alright in the freezer. i just remembered that i need to make up a giant batch of my traditional rum balls. i need to buy a new bottle of baccardi rum. it is quite expensive this year!

i've been remodeling a dress for our purim shtick. they are having a queen esther beauty pagent/ dance party at the chabad house for women. my best pal and i do the same shtick every year. we dress alike and then do a mock cat fight and ask the whole crowd who looks better in the outfit. we even made a recording of a purim song about vashti to the disco version of copacabana. it's hysterical! we do it every year.

we are going for the english queen look this year. nothing jewish about it. i wanted to wear grey wigs and huge plastic gold crowns. my girl pal wants us to wear our signature blonde page boy halloween wigs uder the crowns. we are wearing these very long poka dot dresses with long black nettings and trains. i bought them a few years ago, in the second hand clothes stores in zefat. the scary thing is that these were real dresses, not costumes. my dress could pass for the queen of hearts' dress. i'm trying hard to make the econd dress look like a knock off copycat version of my dress. hence, the cat fight.

i have my grandson with me again, tomorrow. i'm 'off' on thursday. i need to sign up at the unemployment office and i really need to sort out my water bill. i'll go the the unemployment office before i hit the seniors' in the morning. i'll have to deal with the water office later on. i heard that it will be very cold tomorrow so i don't think i'll drag the kid out to town with me.

i want to buy some kids costumes and send a couple to india for my niece's kids. i also want to buy some silly trimmings to add to the look alike poka dot dress. i may have to buy a pair of long white gloves, too. i'm not even thinking about pesach cleaning. i can't go there yet.

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