Monday, August 2, 2010

Too Darn Hot!

over here in the holy land we are experiencing an unprecedented heat wave. it's like 100 degrees here in zefat or maybe more. it feels like hell. there hasn't been any air in days. they are even predicting a black out here and are warning people to conserve on energy. not that simple when it's this hot.

i finally got a rental. a family of ten are encamped downstairs. i worked all morning yesterday until about 3:00 p.m. making up beds and putting the finishing touches in the apartment. i even cut some fragrant cuttings from the garden to add some freshness to the rooms.

i ran up and down the stairs about 25 times, carrying chairs to and fro. i tried to turn the laundry room into a lounge and set up a television and dvd. i placed fans in every room and i really did my best to make it a pleasant experience.

i'm sure this incredible heat wave put a damper on their vacation but it isn't my fault. i didn't make up a lie. zefat is usually airy and very cool at night. most people request blankets. one doesn't usually need air conditioning at night. i hadn't even turned on my ceiling fan before the heat wave came. they say it is a desert heat coming from iraq.

it finally let up a bit this evening. i just saw the family sitting outside and having a late night dinner on the patio. someone was sitting on the grass with a guitar. i felt a little relieved. i fretted the entire day thinking that at any moment they were going to knock on my door to say that they were leaving.

i really need this money. logically, i know that zefat is probably booked up for the next couple of weeks. next week there is the annual klezmer music festival for three days. the last time i went down to the festival was four years ago. mom and i walked all over town and mom was really enjoying getting around. i hadn't been to the festival in years before that. we caught a taxi home at about 1:00 a.m. and the next day the ketushas landed in zefat and we were at war.

how time flies! my good friends from efrat are coming next week. i haven't seen them since my grandson's bris which was 11 months ago. we are planning to go to the winery where my son works to check out the different wines and taste the goat cheeses and ice creams. how yummy is that!

i am on babysitting duty all week long as the sephardi clan went on vacation. i have missed yoga and aroebics and haven't been out of the house since wednesday. i figure that the eleven hours of washing floors and the five hours of shlepping furniture around was enough of a work out for me.

i have been a very lazy grandma this week. i have let sahar stand in front of the television for hours at a time. i haven't taken him for walks or even talked to him that much, either. i have kept him plied with bambas and have given him formula and baby cereal too. i haven't made it out to the store to buy gerber. they were completely sold out at the large super because zefat is crawling with tourists for the next two weeks.

i think i fell asleep today on the couch while sahar was watching t.v. no, i was not under the influence of alcohol. i was simply, wiped out from the heat. my computer started acting up yesterday and i feared that it might be dying. i even lost my access to my gmail account today. all is well once again, i am happy to admit.

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