Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hot To Trot

i just walked back from aroebics. it is 9:30 p.m. in the very hot and holy city of zefat. when i left there was a breeze. however, i returned with none. it is already wednesday and it was the first time that i left the house since this historic heat wave started.

i have babysat sahar all week long. today i finally got a nap when he passed out around 3:30 p.m. i sure needed it. he was rolled up in the inside corner of the t.v. couch and i was scrunched on the outside. cloey the dog, was sleeping on my legs. it was prety darn hot. i left the living room's airconditioner on all day long. it is pretty old but does cool down the apartment.

the t.v area, which is normally, cool and comfortable was a sauna. you cannot imagine how hot the rest of the house felt. i haven't moved off the t.v. couch all week. forget about venturing outside! at around 5:00 p.m. there was definately a nice breeze outside. i put sahar in the stroller and cruised up and down the street with him. i then quickly bathed him in my jacuzzi and sat outside in the shade until his mom came home.

my not having any prepared baby food nor being able to budge in the heat and go to the store, made for some interesting improvising. i threw some frozen blueberries in a blender and then heated them up and added it to his baby cereal. he seemed to like that. i then did the same process with frozen peas. he did not like this at all. i hate to admit it but l ended up eating it. to hell with the south beach diet!

later on, i made some mashed potatoes and added cow's milk. he loved it. i also gave him his favorite bambas snack and a scoop of green ice cream. i think it was supposed to be pistashio flavored. believe me, it's nothing close to the taste of pistashio.

i have been pretty good and have been staying away from the ice cream myself. it's been really too hot to eat much, anyway. i somehow went up 3-4 kilos without really eating much of anything. i think it was just intense bloating. i was simply baffled but too hot to overreact.

i decided to go to aroebics this evening after not moving all week. i walked there and kind of dragged myself home. i had very little coordination, stamina, speed, stomach muscles and joie d'vivre. i really struggled. the worse part was that i was situated in the back with the younger women. what a drag! i just wanted to shout, "i'm almost 60 for goodness sake!"

the renters leave tomorrow. it's hard to believe that the 4 days are over already. i wonder if i'll have any other customers. i seriously doubt that anyone else will agree to stay here without aironditioning. we shall see, i guess.


  1. We've had rain for two weeks! Not steady, but enough to keep things dreary and keep me out of my swimming pool. I miss the exercise because it is good for my joints. I guess I'm hoping for a "heat wave" to hit us. BUT, I do have good air-conditioning. I probably would feel differently without that!