Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summertime Fun

it is 5:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. it is still hot. i am sitting here sweating. i'm situated at the computer in front of a mini fan that is blowing hot air on me.

we just got back from dalton where we visited the winery that my son works at. they also produce the most delicious goat yogurts, cheeses,and ice creams. we actually came at a bad time as there wa a group of 100 tourists inside. we had to sit outside of the tourist center where it wasn't air ocnditioned. we sat outside for hours and it was really hot. zvi was very busy with the group and had to keep us witing for a very long time.

he finally brought us some incredible wine to sample and we were happy. i got up and got some ice cream samples for us to devour. then zvi brought us the most delicious fresh, whole wheat bread straight from the oven, with fresh apple preserves and olives. i bought a block of cheese, a bottle of yogurt with date honey and some cream cheese so we really had a feast.

i also got a designer coffee so i was a happy camper. we paid up our bill and indulged in the purchase of 3 containers of the goat ice cream. ben and gerry eat your heart out!

we stopped off at the supermarket to buy what we need for shabbat. that's right, tomorrow is shabbat once again. and once again i have to go into cooking mode. i've had it easy for the last few days. we've all gone out to the music festival and bought junk food on the street. i ate an entire container of chocolate ice cream ywsterday.

i struggled but i did go to yoga this morning and aroebics, last night. i think i pulled every muscle in my body. the not drinking water in this heat wave didn't do much for the pain. i haven't felt my toes all week long.

last night i got separated form my buddies. i absolutely, refused to walk through the crowds in town. i went with my girl pal the first night because we needed a toilet and something to eat. i had a slice of pizza and felt sick the whole night long. i vowed not to eat any more pizza and to avoid the town until next week.

i went to the concert area by myself and found a great seat. i also found my sister and brother in law who have been avoiding me lately because i refused to take in the grandmother for the entire summer. after a couple of hours of sitting in silence, i finally found my friends and ran over to sit with them. we stayed until the last religious hippie rock band finished their set. we were really punch drunk by then.

i jumped up at 7:00 a.m. and immediately cleaned up the morning's ant infestation off of the kitchen counters, floors and cabinets. i ran to yoga and zvi brought the baby over to gal's sister. how nice of them for giving me a day off.

we are all pretty spent from the wine and from the heat. we are not planning to go down to the festival until it cools off. the boys want to do a grill. i am still stuffed from the winery. i do not feel like eating fleish tonight. we bought a small piece of steak and a lot of chicken wings to do up. there are franks, kabobs and hamburgers in the freezer. let every man do what he wants to do.


  1. You seem to have all the fun!
    One day when with someone with a car invites me, I will have to partake of the Dalton experience
    - hint hint.
    Shabbat Shalom!