Friday, August 20, 2010

Bleach Storm

it's 5:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. it's candlelighting in anther hour. i just finished bleaching all the floors on my floor. well, actually, i didn't do the living room or blog room.

we are having another unprecedented heat wave. they're claiming that it might jump up to 104 or higher. funny, i don't feel so hot. i guess i'm still feverish from this virus that i have. i've decided not to turn on the airconditioner in the living room. it really makes a difference leaving all the waindows shut. i hope i'll manage.

i didn't have the strength today to make it down to the grocery. i have about half of a container of milk left and that will just have to last until sunday. i managed to find a couple of old whole wheat rolls in the freezer. i also defrosted a couple of dishes from the freezer. i have a stewed chicken leg and a blob of failed meatball mixture that i must have frozen at one time. unfortunately, i couldn't find any cooked frozen fish and i don't even have a can of tuna in the house. i'm debating on opening up a can of pareve stuffed vine leaves.

it doesn't really matter what i eat because i don't have much of an appetite. i actually, lost a bit of weight this week. i also, haven't been drinking hot cofee all week. i've been mostly, sticking to iced cold water.

i felt so horrible this morning that i convinced myself that maybe i had pnemonia. i still think it's a bad virus and partial nervous breakdown. it's rather quiet here without the kids. they went to gal's grandparents in hadera for a few days. zvi called to ask how i was and was a bit shocked to hear how awful i sounded on the phone. i think that all the bleach is loosening up my sinuses. i just hope that it doesn't start to twist my face up.

i want to wash the dogs today. i have a need for total cleanliness this shabbat. i skipped the dusting. hopefully, i'll get around to it on sunday. there was a terrible smell in the house. it was probably, the result of the dogs pishing all over the floors and some of the furniture. having the windows closed all week didn't really help matters, that much.

i have so many things to do next week. i need to pay the water bill and sign up at the unemployment office. i also need to go to the bank and check up on my balance. i haven't been able to rent the downstairs apartment, in spite of the fact, that there are many families coming on aliya in september. i think that i have come off as either, too wishy washy or too aggressive.

i don't seem to have much luck with my rental business. i actually, agreed to work in a gallery part time, but the owner never called me back. i don't know why i am having such a hard time with parnussa and ants this summer.

i wish you all a good shabbas. i got to go if i am going to wash the dogs, and heat up my 'meal' and put up a thermos of hot water.

i just quickly gave the dogs a flea shampoo and as i stared at the bottle of dog shampoo a sad memory flooded back to me. this was about 6 years ago and my father was still alive. it was erev shabbat and the part time caregiver was impatient to get dad into the bath. he didn't wait for me to bring in dad's brush, shampoo and soap. he used the dog flea shampoo on dad by mistake. he may have used the dog brush too, i really can't remember. i went balistic and i screamed at him to leave. sensing the anger, dad got all excited and violent and chased him out of the house.

the man was really a very lovely and caring elderly worker. he was devoted to dad, too. he came back a little while later to tell me that my beloved, pincher, Sushie had been run over by a car on the next street. i ran to the top street and found sushie lying on the curb. she was still breathing. i didn't know at the time that she was in a coma. we were able to get the town's vet to come pretty fast but she died a little while later. i think the vet put her to sleep.


  1. man, what a bummer to feel sick 4 so long!
    i;ll be in town W if u want 2 meet up for a drink, froyo or whatever. please keep in touch.
    refua shelayma

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Maybe you should just relax until you are recovered, then worry about the dogs and the house later.