Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lost My Voice

after hostesting friends for 5 days and not sleeping very much; i got sick. i woke up on sunday morning and couldn't get out of bed. i felt like i had been run over by a truck.

i went to bed around 5:30 a.m. on thursday and struggled to make a really nice shabbat dinner for eight. i even made a potato kugel, which got devoured by the crowd. i threw some bottled sweet chili sauce over the chicken and broiled it. it was also devoured on the spot.

everyone went down for a nap on saturday afternoon, except for me. i spent the afternoon watching sahar. i didn't even get to daven or read the newspaper. i kept stuffing myself with carrot cake that was topped by chocolate spread. we had bought three pints of the goat ice cream on thursday but i hardly touched any. i was too busy hitting the cake pretty hard.

we were all thinking about going out on saturday night but in the long run, we just stayed in and ordered a pizza. i knew better than to have any. after all, i still had left over carrot cake to indulge in. i did all the dishes after shabbat ended, which was a good thing, as martha stewart would say. it would have been really bad to wake up sick to two sinks full of dirty dishes and pots.

i couldn't even get up to walk my guests to the door on sunday morning. i didn't realize that i was sick. i just thought that i needed a nap. i ended up sleeping through the entire sunday. i had excrutiating cramps in my legs and lower back. i couldn't make it over to yoga or the aroebics class at night. i stuffed myself with bowls of cornflakes and milk.

my throat was throbbing and burning on monday and i didn't have the strength to chat on the phone. i tried a remedy but i'm not sure that it helped. i lost my voice on tuesday and couldn't talk to anyone. i spent the day in bed. i couldn't even phone the old age home to let them know that i wouldn't be in.

the baby was taken to the clan all week long so i didn't even get to see him. i think that he is also sick from teething. i probably caught what i have from him. the kids are going away for a few days which is fine by me. i need lots of rest and quiet. i had my first cup of coffee in days this morning. i was beginning to think that i was going through some type of caffeine withdrawal. i felt like a junkie.

i think that i really got sick because i went on a week's long sugar and junk food binge. i can't even bring myself to get on the scale and check the damage yet. i did drink tons of water yesterday to detox. i don't have much food left in the house beacuse i ate most of it last week. it is pretty hard to swallow, anyway. i seem to have an odd craving for green olives.

it's hot again so i can't really tell if i'm feverish or not. i can't deal with the air conditioner in this state so i'm sweating it out with just a fan. i need to get out all of these toxins. i need a hot shower, too.

i did a huge amount of laundry on monday night. most of it was for the kids. i even hung a bunch of it outside. so it seems that i was semi functional at the beginning of the week. i also have been waging war against the tiny ant infestation in the kitchen. yesterday, the sink was filled with them. there wasn't anything sticky, nor were there any crumbs on the counters, but that didn't seem to stop them. i guess that i am being tried for something that i've done.

i tried to watch the movie, 'shutter island' the other night, but i got very paranoid at the beginning and turned it off and ran back into bed. i was having a very hard time relaxing because my legs have been hurting and i think that i had the chills.

i got up in the middle of the night and tried to lie down on a regular bed in the blog room. i tried lying on my stomach and i also tried lying on my back. i couldn't get comfortable. i finally got up and rubbed some arnica oil onto my feet and legs. it helped a bit.

i babysat for sahar for about 40 minutes this morning, while gal drove zvi to work. i couldn't really speak to him and i didn't have the strength to hold him or chase after him. i managed to make him a bottle of tea and gave him some bambas. he seemed sick, too. he remembered me even though we haven't seen each other all week long. i guess he remembers that i'm the 'soft touch' safta who gives into his every wish.

next week is his first birthday and i need to buy meat for the barbecue. i also have to get to town to buy him a gift and pay the water bill before they tun it off.

well, i'm im a pool of sweat so i will end the blog.


  1. refua shelayma- and fast, my dear friend!
    your food description has me drooling on my keyboard - again!
    may i join in the b-day festivities?
    please ask the kids. i would love to be a part of things.

  2. I just recently had a problem with ants too. They were tiny little black ones that kept covering the kitchen counter and eventually got into my cabinets. I finally had to break down and call the exterminator. It only took one treatment to get rid of them--although I did remove everything out of the cabinets that wasn't canned. I'm thankful they are gone because it was so embarrassing when I had quest and ants were crawling everywhere!