Saturday, November 14, 2009

Such A Perfect Day!

do any of you know the lou reed song, 'such a perfect day'? they have every version of it on you tube including, luciano pavarotti. today was a really nice shabbat. it was just gal, zvi, sahar and me for dinner. i kept cloey inside and didn't pay any attention to the baby, so she was fine. she sat on my lap, curled up like a baby for most of the meal. she occasionally, got down and went over to sniff the baby and returned to my lap. she was fed table scraps and bread all day long and wasn't very interested in sahar. today, my son got a great big smile out of my grandson. i laughed so hard that i lost my voice. the baby repeated his ear to ear grin for a few times more until he was simply, worn out. my good friend, danya, came over with her dog, jackie. cloey and cookie and jackie, all got along. in fact, cloey spent most of the afternoon on danya's lap and jackie didn't say 'boo'. whiskers and choco started howling and barking downstairs so we all ran out to check up on them. i think they were just hungry and were letting me know. so i filled up their plates and left for a walk with danya and jackie. i never walk with my dogs, because i'm afraid of large dogs attacking them. i haven't walked too much lately, because of the pain in my right foot. i managed to walk a bit but coming back was hard. normally, walking is effortless for me. i was told that a private podiatrist is coming to zefat this week. i think i might just have to go and see him. there is no podiatrist in zefat. when one has a foot problem here, he goes to the orthopedist. i tried to explain the concept to my daughter-in-law who had never heard of the foot doctor. my poor father, may he rest in peace, had a diabetic leg problem and no one to see until it was too late. as soon as the sabbath ended, i threw the lasagna into the toaster oven to heat it up. i quickly did the dishes, set the table and started cutting up a huge green salad. i made up a white cake with whole wheat flour and milk and added a packet of caramel flavored instant pudding, to disguise the taste of the flour. when it was done, i threw on some frozen left over frosting from the birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. the balloons were still hanging on the window sill. i took out the humus for my nephew, who likes to put in on everything, and minced up some fresh garlic and mixed it into the butter. who knew that it was his favorite thing in the world. go know! i toasted some mini whole wheat pitas and served some white rolls too. normally, i would have made some garlic bread toast, but with the garlic butter on the table, it was, sort of like, self service at zelda's tonight. i took out the marshmallows with the good heksher but had no way to toast them because i still haven't gotten around to ordering the gas balloons. i lit one up with a match but my niece persuaded my nephew not to eat it because she said it would taste like sulfur. apparently, some yeshiva boys had already tried to do this so, it was already, common knowledge, in the yeshiva world. i offered to make hot chocolate while everyone retired to the computer room to watch the video of my nephew's recent, death defying bungee jump in new zealand. i was out of instant hot chocolate mix and i could not find my small, dairy sauce pan. so believe it or not, i mixed together some dutch cocoa powder, sugar and milk in a skillet and heated it up on my electric burner. i even, threw in some marshmallows for good cheer. i couldn't find any clean mugs so i poured it into take away coffee cups. when there is a will there is a way! i brought them into the computer room where all the cousins were catching up and having a good visit. the two babies were also hanging out with their parents and so was cloey, who absolutely, didn't seem to care about the baby any more. while, the cousins exchanged baby outfits and gifts and i offered up cake. no one wanted to take any home. so either it wasn't that tasty or else everyone was full from the lasagna and trying to watch their weight. once again, i put some cake into my trustee freezer until the next occasion, that i host. everyone went home in a good mood and i did the dishes and came in here to blog. oh, such a perfect day!


  1. I'm glad things are perking up for you.
    You are a person of value!

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