Sunday, May 14, 2017

Lag B'Omer 2017

it is 8:30 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  I just got back from a kid's parade and rally in the neighborhood for Lag B' Omer.  it is extremely hot here and the forecasts say that it won't break until Wednesday.  the kids and I skipped the parade part of the program this year.  we went straight to the sports arena where the program was.  this is a particularly rink a dink arena.  his is no Madison square garden.  it's a neighborhood place.

once again, my grandson didn't win any prizes, and once again he fell into deep despair.  the Sephardi family is making a late night barbecue in the large park.  I declined an invitation.  I'm wiped.   I had to get to town to pick up my grandson this afternoon and was lucky to get a ride there.  apparently, the busses weren't running very often.  we had hundreds of out of town visitors in safed right now. too.  the city is messed up.  hundreds of thousands of people ascended in meron to visit the grave site of Rabbi Shimon. Bar Yochai.  many came to safed for Shabbat.  it was nearly impossible to get a taxi this afternoon.  most of them are going to meron.  the amount of traffic and noise of honking horns was horrendous.

a neighbor who drives a cab picked me up.  he was on his way back home.  he had had enough of the balagon.   I had to pick up my granddaughter from her kindergarten and it took us about half an hour to schlepp home in the hot sun.  I wasn't ready to go back in the heat for the grand parade.  perhaps I should have gone to the barbecue.  I didn't nap yesterday and yet I went to bed after 2:00 a.m.  I was zonked this morning.  last night we took the kids to a Lag B' Omer rally in a nearby soccer court.  it was very windy and chilly.  my grandson had a meltdown when he didn't win any prizes.  I didn't really want to go.  I was tired after Shabbat. my son didn't want to go to this rally alone.

a friend came over in the evening and the three of us played a wicked game of monopoly.  I won big time.  that was a first for me.  I don't do games, usually.  I had a great time.  I really was being obnoxious and lauding it over my friends.  I was half kidding.  anyway, it broke up a very long Shabbat day.  yesterday at the synagogue, two men nearly came to fist a cuff's.  it was quite shocking.  the women were freaked out.  anyway, this heat wave is getting us all a bit crazy.

my charge, went home this afternoon.  she really is doing well and I don't perceive any real problems.  she has a support group and I promised to send over some turkey meatballs this week.  today I made her French toast from a leftover Shabbat roll.  I have been making homemade applesauce every day and I cooked enough chicken so that we were able to have a dinner each night.  I sent home the leftover homemade chumus and was happy to give it up.  I did some laundry for her and then actually did some for myself. too.  I couldn't bring myself to bathe her dog.  I wish I could.

my niece's wedding is in 3 weeks.  I really have to lose a bunch of weight.  it might just be a fruit fast for me.  we shall see.  today, I ate a ton of food.  i have to start moving.  I have my gyn appt. soon and i'll be so embarrassed to show up so out of shape.

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