Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Morning

it is 11;00 a.m. in the holy city of safed.  I am zonked.  I just finished washing the floors.  the house is trashed.  I currently have 3 doggies in the house.  no, I did not find and adopt another dog.  my friend is recovering from an emergency gallbladder surgery at my house.  her very decrepit dog is here with me now.  I think she is pushing 20.  my friend went to see her family doctor.  my elderly pincher is pretty stinky, but this dog really reeks and scratches bald patches on her fur.  and she has raken to making turkey like gobbling noises.

I am still coughing but otherwise, I am doing better from last week's virus or flu.  the heat wave is intense.  I find that I cannot be out in the heat.  I easily, get dizzy and have to lie down.  I have to taxi it home with the grandchildren.  they are not so keen to walk in the heat, either.  my house is still comfortable and with the aid of fans, it's very doable.  at night, it gets cold.  is it any wonder that I'm sick all the time?  I have been 'nursing' my friend back to health.  she really isn't doing badly.  she didn't have an open surgery so she doesn't have a huge cut.  i'm afraid I became overbearing about her changing her diet now.  I read about how a high fiber diet is beneficial after this type of surgery.   my friend likes her rich food and her meat.   I know I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  I just get passionate about what I read online.  I have to buy a strong room freshener because of the dogs, now.

I know that in my own way, I have let myself go, as well.   most of my codependent behavior hang ups has led me to overeat recently.  so by my giving my friend a push in the right direction; hopefully I will also change around my lifestyle.  right now I am like a drill sergeant/life coach/dietician and cook.  I really should turn it around on myself and get myself moving once and for all.

I am planning on making a very simple Shabbat meal.   I will serve, sautéed chicken, baked potatoes, beets and chumus and spinach greens.  we will have homemade sugarless applesauce for dessert.  bye bye to Ben And Gerry's, white flour , fried schnitzel and hard cheese.  hello to whole wheat rolls, spinach and cottage cheese. 

I had the grandkids with me yesterday and they were calm and happy and serene.  we went to a local park and they didn't fight.  there were no meltdowns or shouting scenes.  it was so great.  my grandson decided to tidy up the playground and collected a bit of garbage.  my granddaughter spongered the front hall when we got home.  there is a lot of pish in this house right now with 3 dogs.  I showered them and made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  they had hot chocolate  and potato chips and watched some t.v. before their dad picked them up. 

I am still really tired today regardless of the lack of aggravation yesterday.  what can I do?  I can go to the supermarket now and buy some fruit and veggies for Shabbat.  my son left be about 70 beer bottles to return to the supermarket.   he knows I like to return them and I encourage the grandkids to help recycle, too.  but I doubt that I have the physical strength today to schlep them with my shopping cart.  I always use the return money to buy treats for the kids.

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