Friday, September 2, 2016

Getting BackTo It part 2

it is nearly candle lighting in the holy city of zefat.  I am exhausted.  it took me hours to wash my floors.  I had to pick up my granddaughter from kindergarten at 1:00 p.m.  we went to the supermarket and got stuck on the line.  it was a struggle for me to walk home.

I made a fool of myself.  I thought that the organic pasta wasn't discounted on the bill.  the cashier lost my bill and I kept the whole line waiting.  it turns out that the gnocchi was indeed discounted and I felt like a loser, once again.

I cooked up the entire package of gnocchi for the kids and of course, they didn't eat it.  I spent hours on the phone this morning with a gal pal.  she just made a wonderful video which I will be posting next week.  I kind of live in her shadow.  I'm like her biggest fan and I would love to be her manager.  right now I act as her confidant and assistant.

the kids are moving out next week.  in the end, they found a place in walking distance to here.  we have all been getting along.  there is nothing left to rant about.  I made lunch for my friend and myself.  tonight I'm having spicy St. Pete's fish fillets and buckwheat and red lentils.  tomorrow we will have barbecue chicken wings in a spicy store bought prune and pomegranate sauce, rice, Chinese cabbage salad, potato salad, beets, green salad and store bought honey cake.

the kids just said goodbye. apparently they are going out for Shabbat.  once again, I am on my own.  I must get used to this.  I will have to make a life for myself.  next week the kids are going away on vacation.  the Sephardi grandma can handle them.  I will not get involved unless I am asked to help out.  I thought that we could split up the kids and I would watch the granddaughter who goes to gan in my neighborhood.  that is not an option so I wish everyone good luck.

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