Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Detting Back To It part 3

it is almost midnight in the holy city of zefat.  the kids moved out today.  they left me a big mess.  I came home at 5:00 p.m. and both the downstairs door and gate were left wide open.  I have been wanting to clear out the laundry room for years.  the daughter-in-law wouldn't hear of it while she resided here.

I went through a closet all the way in the back of the room and started throwing out old lamps, material, and dolls.  forget eBay.  I want to be junk free.  I was going to give my old Maytag washer to the yeshiva where I work; but after going to buy a new one, I decided to hold onto to it for a bit longer.

my son left my computer table downstairs.  I have been using an older one.  I honestly, do not have the strength to drag it back upstairs right now.  ill leave it in the laundry room for now.  I would like to go through the boxes that I'm still storing for my niece in India.  I would love to transfer them to the closet on the wall.

that reminds me, I must throw out old suitcases tomorrow.  I don't plan on travelling anywhere and I  want to rid my house of junk.   the master bedroom needs plastering.  I will try to get to it on Friday.  I have to cook next week.  the kids are going away on vacation.  I don't think I will be able to take care of the kids by myself.

the Sephardi grandmother will have the use of the car so she can chauffer the kids around to gan and back.  I had the kids with me yesterday after work.  it was really exhausting.  I finally had a meltdown at the cheap dollar store.  I left my granddaughter inside crying and stood outside of the store.  we didn't get home until nearly 8:00 p.m.

the little kids grabbed up some more of their toys to take to their new apartment.  they took most of the lego that they play with upstairs.  I guess I will have to buy some new toys for them when they come over to visit.

the big kids faced a sewerage backup on their first day at their brand new apartment.  the electricity was also shorting out and they came back here to shower the kids.  in the end they left without showering.  my son let me know that my downstairs was neglected.  they did occupy the space for four years and didn't take on any of the repairs.

at least,  the electricity here doesn't jump and the sewer is fine.  once I plaster the bottom of the wall it will look okay.  I can also have someone take apart the closet that is currently standing in the laundry room and reassemble it in the master bedroom.  the kids had it taken out when they moved back in.  I want to throw out one of the convertible couches.  it is all ripped up and stained.  I know that it can be covered with a sheet but I don't think that I want to have large crowds downstairs again.

I don't think that I want to do holiday rentals anymore.  it is a real shame that the kids bought that huge pool this summer.  it is still standing in the middle of my yard.  I will store it in my storage shed.  I will also store a kid's bed, three carriages, and two cribs and a highchair inside.  I'm afraid of rats destroying them outside.  there are several rugs that may have to be chucked.

I am truly tired so I will end now.  I am no longer sad.  I am no longer mourning the grandkids moving out.  I am taking back my house.  I am taking back my independence.  I am throwing out the past and chucking out old junk.  I am getting ready for my brain surgery. 

my son came aback a little while ago.  he came to fetch a bag of kids' clothes and to ask for a beer.  I no longer buy alcohol for him.  everyone over in the new place is having a meltdown.  the ikea beds and closets arrive tomorrow.  he felt strange sleeping in the new home without a mezuzah.  I gave him one that has been upstairs for a year.  I asked him all year long to check if one of the mezuzahs was missing from downstairs.  I will take them all off the doorposts to have them checked this month.

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