Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Long Hot Summer 2016

it is 7:30  a.m. in the hoy city of zefat.  I got up to let the dogs out.  I feel awful.  it's super hot and I feel dizzy.   I am supposed to go downtown to help pack up my elderly friend's belongings.  I was told that we would  dispose of her clothes today.  most of them are stained and old.  I volunteered to help store the boxes when she was transferred to the top floor of the old age facility but was told  that it wouldn't be necessary.  now they have changed their minds and they will be schlepping  boxes to my house.

I really do not have the space for this.  I don't have the energy to bring them upstairs, either.  I may call them soon to let them know that I do not feel well enough to come downtown.  it turns out that  my friend's daughter-in-law made a list of clothing items that she wants us to store for her.   everything that she gave her mother-n-law, apparently is on the list.  I saved some things of my parents after they passed.  I was able to donate most of my father's clothes to charity but kept a hat and a robe and a sweater.

I still wear my mom's bras , head scarves and nightgowns.  it's odd because my mom was tiny and I'm large.  this daughter-in-law lives in the U.S and for the last 30 years never came to Israel to visit her mother-in-law.  I know I shouldn't judge but it does strike me as odd.  I should really start throwing out boxes of baby clothes that I've been saving for my daughter-in-law.  she doesn't even know that they are still in my closet.  she doesn't really know that I am still alive for that matter, either.

we haven't run into each other nor have any of us spoken since Friday afternoon.  I think they are also angry with me for all my trespasses.  or maybe they are simply functioning as a family and do not require my help.  this is a good thing.  my son hasn't barged in once this week to use my bathroom.  the grandchildren have stayed downstairs.  this is the most time that has elapsed since I've seen them.  it is rough for me but a necessity.  without my help they are forced to take care of their own children or find other solutions.  too bad I've been sick all week.

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