Monday, July 25, 2016

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Monays

it is 5:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I took a spill down my front door steps on sunday at 3:00 a.m.  I was lucky not to have broken anything.  I brutally landed on the ground with my lower back taking the brunt of the marble stairs.  I had thrown around some soapy water to get rid of the dogs' pee in the hallway.  I stepped outside to mop the water off of the stairs.  I never felt myself slipping.

I spent yesterday in bed. my back was aching.  I finished making the dog costumes for my friend's video.  it is basically some maroon contact paper and some metal fringe on top of a plastic bib.  it is not my finest work.  I made little 'royal' hats for the dogs too.  I am not a master costumer.

my son invited me to come downstairs on Friday night to join them for Shabbat dinner.   he wanted to end this 'thing'.  I didn't go downstairs  and I guess I escalated the 'situation'.   I wasn't sure anymore what this 'thing' was.  I remember exploding at my son when he told me that I used their things: family pool, patio table and chairs, etc. like they were my own.  I also remember throwing him out of my house when he told me that my family was banned from coming downstairs to the backyard.

I haven't made Shabbat meals for three weeks and I don't intend to start again any time soon.  they have been married for over seven years and they can make their own meals from now on.  I made myself some rice and turkey patties for Friday night's dinner.  the dogs and I enjoyed the food.  I also enjoyed my space and  my quiet.  I got to finish a maeve binchey novel and start and finish another one.  I got to sleep a lot and enjoy my Shabbat.  the kids were running amuck downstairs and making a lot of noise.

they never got away with making so much noise when I was watching them.  I'm surprised that the neighbors didn't complain.  perhaps everyone had their air conditioner units blasting and didn't hear the kids.  I actually went downstairs to the backyard on Saturday morning to see the kids.  my grandson came running over.  he wanted to know why I ate alone the night before.  my granddaughter had a runny, gooky green nose and I got up to give her some tissue paper.  it was really scorching downstairs so I returned to my apartment upstairs and got ready for lunch.  I went to my friends for lunch and passed my son on the street in front of the synagogue.

I wished him a Shabbat shalom but he didn't look up at me.  I guess he was more 'spirited' the night before when he invited me to come and eat with them.   in all honesty, I am still disgusted by their piggish and abusive behavior towards me.  I do not remember ever having a conversation with them on a Shabbat or holiday.  they always talk to themselves while I tend to their kids.  the bottom line is that I'm thoroughly fed up with them living here for free.  my son didn't even give me a few shekels from his tithe from work this month.

I can't wait to present them with the next water bill.  that ought to go over well with these selfish brats.  I don't even miss the grandkids.  I am enjoying my freedom.  freedom from babysitting, and cooking Shabbat food.  they can't use the grandkids as currency against me now.  I am in no hurry to be with their kids.  I am hoping that they will get the message that I am staying out of their lives and just want to be left alone.  maybe they will move away.  one can only hope.

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