Monday, April 18, 2016

Tell Me Why I Don't Like Mondays

it is 8:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I had the kids all day and didn't really get to do much pesach cleaning.   I cleaned the computer area and key board and washed the windows in my blog/costume back bedroom.  I can't really close the closet doors.  they have been stuck all year long.  the owner of the furniture store where we bought them is my neighbor but I haven't gotten the chutzpah up to ask him for a favor.

I spent a lot of time screaming at the kids today.  they are so wild and needy without having gan.  It was non stop treats and drinks all morning long.  at 2:00 p.m. I made a batch of soy franks.  I made scrambled eggs for their father before he went to work, which he didn't finish.  the dogs got them.  I opened a can of sardines in olive oil for the granddaughter, which she didn't eat and the dogs got them, too.  I made warm milk with sugar which both kids didn't drink.  I dumped it down the drain.  I found a can of palm slices, which the kids gobbled up and a can of tuna which I gobbled up.

I spent the morning searching for the granddaughter.  this 4 year old spends all morning applying makeup.  I put on movies for the grandson but he was totally rambunctious and kept on bothering his sister who kept on whining to me.  I totally lost it at one point.  the granddaughter took my one and only pen and lost it.  I went ballistic.  I used to have tons of pens back in the days before grandkids and poverty.  I never had just one pen.  what can I do?   the little kids take all my pens downstairs and I never see them again.

I went on and on and on about not taking my pens without permission.  I asked the 4 year old a hundred times where she put my pen.   after all, how can I make lists for everything I still need to do and buy for pesach without a pen.  the little one didn't flinch.  I just went downstairs to check out the new curtains the big kids put up in the kitchen, and the 4 year old handed me a pen.

last night my son painted the downstairs.  it was a long time coming.  he wanted designer colors but his wife wanted white.  it looks clean but boring and the curtains are totally inappropriate for a kitchen/dining room.  they are actually for a living room.  they also do not give them any privacy.  what can you do?  I just said it was stunning.  in the meantime, I attempted to paint a kitchen wall, white and it became a real hassle.

first, I had to cover a darkish tan wall and second, a lot of the old plaint peeled off under the pressure of the roller.  originally, the wall seemed smooth to me but I had some water damage on the bottom.  I thought about contact paper but I went with the paint.  I now have to go back to town and buy some spackle.   the wall looks awful.  I wanted a high gloss white plaint but this isn't it.  the floor is a mess and I'm finished.  I do have until 1:30 p.m. tomorrow to myself.  I then have the kids until nightfall.

I took the kids out for a little while.  actually,  a neighbor came by with my mail  and the little devils ran outside.  I was embarrassed because I had been screaming with the windows open.  we took their scooters down to the park and my granddaughter took a dive down a hill.  she scraped both arms, her knee, chin and shoulder.   there was a bit of blood on her lips and she went hysterical.  I tried to apply aloe Vera plant but she howled so loud a male Sephardi neighbor came by to check it out.  he calmed her down and brought her some cake and a hand full of Dora band aids.

I, once again, looked like a fool.  I was totally in control but I was waiting for her to stop crying.  I am not Sephardi.  I don't go looking for candy and cartoon band aids when someone is bleeding.  I cut aloe Vera plant.

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