Saturday, April 16, 2016

Countdown To Pesach 2016

it is 7:30 a.m. in the holy city of zefat.   I just let the dogs out.  once again, I woke up wet.  cloey, the pincher seems to pish in my bed every morning.  I have been banned from throwing my soiled clothing and bedding into the washing machine downstairs.  I have to soak my towels, sheets and clothes in my small bathtub first.  this is a lot of work.  my back aches.  I have a load of sheets on the lines outside to take in.  I managed to do a couple of loads before Shabbat.

I have a few dishes and pots soaking in the sink from Shabbat.  I used disposable plates and cups this weekend.  I have no strength to wash dishes at this point.  I bought 2 sets of designer disposable dishes for the seder night.  I am busy washing every thing else in sight.  I spent most of Thursday washing all the Lego.  I have washed nearly all of my chactchkas and pictures around the house.  I still need to do my mother's brass candlesticks.  you can't buy brass polish in zefat.  I will use lemon juice.

I need to go to the nurse this morning to have my polymem bandage changed.  my thigh is beginning to itch so I take it as a good sign that my burn is healing.  I went twice last week.  I also need to check up on my medical paper work as I have a gyn oncologist appointment right after pesach.  I am seriously thinking about putting it off.  I was supposed to lose some weight but it looks like I have lost that battle.

I  need to do some errands this morning because I have the kids this afternoon.  I want to sell my chometz at the rabbinate and buy some household goods.  I don't really feel like going to town today.  I ate too much on Shabbat.  my son bought some Yemenite bread and rolled pastry dough which is made with tons of margarine.  I never eat this stuff.  I indulged big time and my stomach is suffering today.  I usually starve before pesach but I have been stuffing myself on potato chips and cookies while I watch the kids. 

I  still have the living room and 3 bedrooms to clean for pesach.  I keep avoiding this like one of the plagues.  I seem to have a block against putting my clothes away and making order in the back bedroom.   I don't think i'll get the chance to do my living room windows this year.  if I had some money I'd buy a couple of new couches.  I will have to settle for buying new couch covers.  the kids gave me a little money. 

I still need to buy veggies and fruits for the holiday.  I think I have enough food and supplies for the week.  I am pretty tired.  I need to get the male dog a flea and tick collar.  he is very hairy and full of ticks.  we suffered from an infestation last summer and it is beginning all over again.  the year went by so fast and here we are, once again, scrambling to finish up for pesach.

I didn't get to visit my friend in the old age home and I felt very guilty.  I had a moment of clarity on Friday where I realized that I had tried to be a good friend to this lady for years and had been the one who was rejected.  I had offered her to come here for holidays and shabbatons and rest after medial procedures but she preferred to stay down town.

my sister and family all went off to India for pesach.  my niece runs the chabad house in Delhi.  I didn't even get a phone call.  I did get an email inviting me to run up to the top street to say goodbye to her at the school where she works.  yes, she works part time in my neighborhood and yet I haven't seen her in nearly a year.  and yes, I feel rejected and abandoned by her.  I invited my other niece, who is staying in zefat, to join us but she didn't respond.  so much for family.  I didn't make it to the school that day.  I wasn't feeling up to going out and my thigh was throbbing from the burn.

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