Thursday, April 21, 2016

Is It Pesach Yet?

it is 1:30 a.m. in the holy city of Zefat.  I just finished cleaning the house.  I am defrosting the chickens and will cover the counters in the morning.  I already covered the dining room table.  I have a lot of things to bring back into the house in the morning.   the carpet has been outside all week.  I already made up the master bedroom.  what a job it was to straighten up the room!  I might have laundry on the lines, too.  I can't remember.

I did sponger for hours.  I didn't do the outside windows nor the windows in the blue bedroom.  my back gave out on me.  the house looks clean but nothing special.  last year it shone.  nothing really sparkles.  we had pizza for supper and I drank two glasses of cola and ice tea.  talk about your sugar and caffeine rush.

I am pretty tired and need to sleep.  I have to get to the supermarket in the morning to buy some gifts for the neighbors.  I might have to give out chocolates this year.  maybe they have some towels on sale.  we have to burn the chometz in the morning.  every year I make a small bonfire and burn the bits of bread that we saved to do the ritual checking.  I had the kids search for the tiny wrapped up pieces of pita.  we put out 10 pieces upstairs and 10 downstairs.  of course, I lock the dogs out so they can't eat them or hide them in the house.

I am relieved that I finished.  I wanted to finish a lot earlier but I did have the kids with me and it slowed me down.  I hope i'll have enough energy to cook in the morning.  candle lighting is nearly 7:00 p.m. so I think I'll manage.  I want to make some chicken schnitzels to eat before the Seder.  I think i'll go with honey and orange chicken.  I might throw in a small piece of meat with a lot of potatoes for Shabbat lunch.

I bought avocados and they ripened super fast because we are having a heat wave.  it finally got hot in the house.  the bananas went bad and so did the nectarines.  i'll try to buy some bananas in the morning.  the melons I bought were totally rotten and tasted like bleach.  I don't know how much I paid for them.  oh well....

wishing everyone a happy and kosher pesach!

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