Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Tired

it's 7:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i just got home. i left for work at 7:30 a.m. i caught a lift to the central bus station and walked to the yeshiva. i wanted to buy a really strong coffee but all the restaurants were closed. zefat doesn't hussle or bussle so early in the morning. i came in early because i wanted to get the breakfast and lunch done so i could run over to the seniors' center.

when i got in, i saw that there weren't any eggs. i placed an order at the fruit store on tuesday morning and shlepped a very heavy box of fruit and veggies back to work. i took one flat of eggs with me and ordered another 4 flats to be brought over with the fruit and veggies. the order arrived in the evening and came without the eggs. i sent someone back to the store yesterday to get the eggs. oops, i guess he forgot.

they also forgot to tell me that a new batch of boys were coming in this morning. so now i'm cooking for close to 20. i can't keep up with these bucharim. they are like termites. they consume everything i make. i made a vat of spaghetti before i left and it all turned into one starchy blob. i don't care. i left work after 5:00 p.m. i also found out last miute, that i was required to make shabbat for about 10 guys tomorrow. shoot me now!

i hussled this morning to make food for the regular 10 and then for the newcomers. i made an eggless carrot cake for my old crowd and then a sweet noodle kugel for the new guys. i didn't have any noodles so i used spaghetti. if you are really following the blog, you will realize that i served spaghetti twice today. i'm hoping that the new arrivals are too jetlagged out to ralize it, too.

i hastily, heated up the porridge made from quinoa and fruit, and managed to burn it. what a shame! it didn't go yesterday so i 'doctored' it with fresh apples. it got thrown out into the compost heap. that's right, the kids are keeping compost. i have to save all peels, eggshells, and leftovers for the compost heap. what a drag! are we having fun yet?
i got one of the 'old' bucharim to run to the fruit store to get me my eggs. i maniacally, boiled up about 30 eggs. i cooked up a pot of boiled potatoes and one of spicy green lentils. i mixed it together and added soy sauce and fresh lemon. i baked a bunch of beets in tin foil and sliced them up with fresh lemon and ginger. i opened up a giant, industrial sized, can of corn and one of tuna; and made a salad with mayonnaise. the new boys liked it. everyone loved the lentils and potaotes.

i made a huge vat of mushroom and barley soup for supper. i had to get a guy to open the huge can of mushrooms for me. i just, do not have enough power in my hands, to deal with these substandard can openers. i can't seem to get a grip. i made sesame spaghetti but it flopped, seriously. the first time i made it, it was fantastic. i guess i used way too much spaghetti, this time. i also cut up a bunch of cucumbers and tomatoes and made fresh tahina sauce. i hope no one complains tomorrow.

tomorrow will be a challenge, making shabbat from what is left in the pantry. i found a frozen roll of gefilte fish in the deep freeze. i also took out two packages of turkey wings to make a soup or stew. i have enough potatoes left to make a potato kugel. i'll make some rice and red lentils. i have plenty of colorabi left to make a salad. i also, have a few carrots. i will bake up some more beets. it is so much easier to bake them. it doesn't get to streak up all the walls, like when it cooks in the pot. it should go rather fast, i hope. i plan to bake them a cake, too. the 'eggless' guy won't be there so i will go wild with the eggs tomorrow.

i bought a small fillet salmon for myself for shabbat. i have some frozen meatballs, if i choose to have them. i bought some whole wheat rolls and a few cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. the last thing that i want to do, is cook, when i come home. i managed to wash the floors yesterday, so the house is clean. i really need to do laundry. perhaps on sunday, tomorrow is out. i'm too tired to do anything right now. i walked home from town. i stopped off at the supermarket and got a ride home with a neighbor.

i got paid for the last two weeks and put it directly into the bank. it covered half of my overdraft. the dogsitting money paid the water bill this week. hopefully the tenants next week will pay the electric bill and gardner. winning!!!!

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  1. You are on a roll!
    May it continue!
    And now you fet out and exercise which were what you
    wanted to, and you're earning money!
    All great things.