Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Same Old Day

it is 5:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i have been scrubbing away in the studio apartment upstairs for hours. i know i told the sister that she didn't have to clean up before she left. she still, could have taken out the trash and cleaned the fridge. i am exhausted. apparently, pigeons have been living inside the apartment behind the door, on the rooftop.

the area was completely covered in several months of pigeon poo. why didn't this ditzsy girl let me know sooner??? i spent hours scrubbing off poo and a years' worth of dirt off the windows, screens and doors. i never got to do a pesach cleaning upstairs because the sister was already situated there. she didn't bother to clean the place since she got there. the sandstorm really took its toll on the wooden floors upstairs. the girl has asthma. wouldn't you think that she would stop smoking and clean up the dust??? wouldn't you think she would let me know that the roof was covered in a ton of crap?

my son took the vacuum cleaner so i can't even use that to clean up the mess. i am tired and full of pigeon poo. this is not the best thing for me, either. i can't continue. i am broken. i think i'll have to start again first thing in the morning. i have no more strength. i feel violated, once again. i know that i gave this girl a clean apartment. i am shocked to see how she was living. the carpet is full of hair. i took it outside to wash it down. i used a clothes brush to get off some of the hair.

there were two bottles of vodka wedged deep into the freezer. i had to defrost the fridge. either they were left over from the summer, when we had yeshiva bucharim upstairs; or she is an alcoholic. if they weren't hers, why didn't she bring them downstairs to me and clean out the freezer. could it be that she didn't open the freezer in 3 months???? there was a box of ices in the freezer. was that also left over from the summer?? i am almost certain that i did the freezer a while back ago before she moved in. who knows anything anymore.

i washed down the upstairs porch and watered the plants. it is a lovely sitting area. the air is great and the view is spectacular. i still have hours of floor washing to do. kill me now! i really can't budge.

some idiot from the city, hacked off a great deal of my jasmin from off of my wall. i am really aggravated. he left a huge amount of the remains of the bush in front of my gate. my neighbors must assume that i chopped it off and left it there. the guy destroyed my bush. it was lush and blooming. the smell was out of this world. he only took the jasmin off from the middle area, leaving the branches totally bald. i called the city office twice to complain. i am afraid that he might have killed the bush.

i know this isn't a serious problem in the relm of real problems. i just wish that i had run outside when i heard the sound of an electric blower. how dare he touch my property. it wasn't interfering with anything of the city's. i think he did it on purpose. i pay my gardner to keep it orderly and tailored and now some punk slasher ruined my look.

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  1. The driveway of my home is lined on one side with crepe myrtle trees--they are so beautiful. A few years ago when my husband and I went out of town for a few days, some friends decided to do us a favor and prune our trees for us--to this day we still do not know who did it,although we have our suspicions. We arrived back in town late at night and when our car headlights hit the trees it was a ghastly sight. The trees had been butchered. I was broken-hearted. A few days later someone, again an anonymous source, slipped a news article headlined "Crepe Murder," which discussed how NOT to prune the trees, under my husband's office door. People thought we had actually done this to our trees. Thankfully they have recovered and are full and healthy again. But I know your pain with the jasmin.