Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm In A Purim State Of Mind

it is 3:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i spent the day yesterday, sitting in the hot sun and i think i suffered some form of sun poisoning. my face was slightly burnt and i was quite swollen under my eyes. my right eye, which is my bad eye, is completely infected; red, swollen and pussy. are we having fun yet?

i decided to throw a renegade purim party for 'mature' women next wednesday nite. that means that we don't want to go to the traditional party at the chabad house. we are done with the censorship, the kids, and the younger gals. we want to let our hair down. or in my case, wear a funny and outrageous wig. i am going for the glamorous miami senior citizen, wearing hawaiin dressing gown look. you gotta be here to see it. i have a long, bright cherry red purim wig that matches the orange house dress. i bought it last year and didn't use it. i even have matching leis. one for the head and one for the neck. i bought a very funny set of huge slip on rubber feet with painted bright toe nails to finish off the look. it's a real sight gag.

i've been hyper active lately, looking for costumes, surfing the net for more recipes and queen esther videos. i wanted to start baking hamentashen today but i can't do anything with my bad eye. i hope it will get better soon. i have already been rejected by 3 people this afternoon. i hope i'll get a respectable amount of ladies for the party. i really need to party at night. i, for sure, will be on beck and call with the kids the next day.

i am a bit scattered right now. there are props and costumes all over the place. there are recipes and scraps of notes everywhere. tomorrow, i will have to make a list of what i really need to buy and prepare for purim. i need to settle my bill with the water company and i have a dental appointment on tuesday. it will all work out in the end, i'm sure.

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