Thursday, February 9, 2012

Getting Ready For Purim

it is 1:30 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. i've been at home, sick, for the last two days. before that i pulled 2 all nighters and i guess i paid the price. i've started going to the dentist to try and get my mouth put back in order. it isn't a pretty story.

i've lost another 3 teeth and will probably be in dentures in a few years. in the meanwhile, i am having a plate made. i thought about implants, but at this rate, i can no longer afford them. i also don't want to have screws in my mouth. i had my teeth cleaned and i survived. i actually, felt empowered, afterwards. i am going to have all the spaces filled so hopefully, i will want to smile again.

i started a diet and actually, lost a couple of kilos. then along came tu b'shvat. i had my annual sedar and kept it small this year. i let go and had a lot of dried fruit. my belly immediately, puffed out again. i made an unusual spread this year. i worked on the food for hours at end. i spent weeks buying the many varieties, and looking up recipes.

i did a pesach like cleaning job the day before the sedar. it was unseasonably warm and sunny. i spent the entire day doing my laundry and washing my floors. i had to watch my grandson from 5:00 p.m. in the evening until 2 a.m. i let him fall asleep with me in front of the televison. i was way too tired to struggle getting him to sleep in his own bed. he really wanted to come upstairs and sleep with me in one of the guest bedrooms. he loves playing with the switch on the wall and turning on and off the light.

this year, i found dried nectarines. i made a hot and spicy chutney from them. it wasn't a big hit but i sure liked it. i made chai tea spiced dried peaches. they tasted much better after a couple of days, marinating. i made a fresh tangerine and fennel salad with tossed pistashio nuts. i made a savory butter roasted pan of assorted nuts. they were way too delicious! the chestnut soup was gormet as usual. i actually, used the right amount of chestnuts this year. i made mini low fat, sugar free and non gluten cherry muffins for the health conscious crowd. i also made a carob and coconut soufle'. it had the texture of a regular cake.

i served a creamy goat cheese that went well with all the fruit and nuts. i managed to serve more than the required 30 varieties. i love this holiday! we all got drunk on the wine and sugar. we laughed and we sang and we were loose. it was a lovely evening. earlier in the day, we had a monster storm. i didn't think anyone would come out. but they did and we all had a great time.

now i'm in purim mold. i bought an inexpensive costume princess dress in town and i played around with it to fit the baby. i added flowers and made a fancy headband for her too. i bought a cowboy hat for my grandson and turned a pair of his jeans into fringed cowboy pants. i have to go to a used clothing store and buy a small vest. i have animal fur like material to sew onto the vest completing the costume.

i found a small ninja costume in town for only 10 shekels. i was most inspired. most of the 'cheap' costumes these days are starting at 60 shekels. the more expensive ones are almost 200 shekels. i paid 29 shekels for the princess dress and another 10 shekels for 2 hairbands. i decided to turn the 2 piece ninja costume into a chassidic frock for my great nephew in india. i bought a little costume streimel with attached peyos for 20 shekels. i managed to cover up the ninja insignias with material from the mask. i added some velvet material around the collar and voila!

i have to make shabbat meals for the kids this week. i don't know if i'll be up to it tomorrow. i couldn't do more than defrost the chicken and fish today. i thought about going to the supermarket in the evening but it was raining again and i had the chills. at least, the house is still clean.

we have had an invasion of rats this week. we caught 4 in one week. this evening my son and a friend bashed the rat to death with a metal broom handle. i disposed of the carcus and cleaned up the blood. too bad, the broom broke in two. the dog didn't seem to keen on catching it. what a great way to bond with one's family!

we are in the middle of a general strike so i can't call the city to come and drop some poison in the sewer outside. i can't pick up a package that my sister sent at the post office, either. i can't get some direct payment forms in the bank that i need or sign up at unemployment. what a mess! shabbat shalom!

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