Monday, February 27, 2012

Hyper In Zefat

it is 7:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat. i've been out and about all day long doing 'purim' errands. i am happy to report that my eye is much better. it was a warm and sunny day. you didn't need a coat. i ran around town in a sweat jacket.

i paid off the water bill first thing in the morning. it was empty and i was in and out of the office in a flash. you usually, sit there for over an hour. i went on to the toy store to buy costume nurse props. my daughter in law saw some in town. i had a real nurse uniform for her and a doctor's lab coat for my son. i was able to buy name plates so i bought israeli stick on letters and made up names for them. the nurses's package came with a cap, frilly apron and yellow plastic stethoscope. it is really cheezey! it looks more like a french maid's costume than a nurse. she'll be happy, anyway.

the nurse kit was an american halloween costume so i had to cover up the red cross with the star of david, which is the symbol of our israeli first aid, here. are we having fun? i even made a small pooch first aid kit for my friend's dog, beena. i am on a roll! i bought two new halloween wigs because they were having a sale. i thought that my son the 'doctor' wold look funny in a small black afro wig. and his wife, the 'nurse' would look great in a 40's look. i hope they like what i have created for them.

i ran to the bakery, where i have been buying rice flour, to stock up for purim. i intend to make some gluten free hamentashen. i stopped off at the kitchenware's store to buy some party napkins, and plastic dessert dishes to give out goodies for purim. i was in purim la la land for hours. i truly thrive in purim land. it is my true calling.

in the meanwhile, my friend, whom i had visited first thing that day, was waiting for me to come back for lunch. she had prepared an omelette for us. by the time i got back, she was on her way to a job and the omelette was nearly petrified. it looked like a halloween prop. she didn't want to eat anymore and was agitated and quite upset. i simply, cannot be held accountable when i'm doing my 'purim thing'. nonetheless, i sat down, gulped down a cup of coffee, and wolfed down the entire dish of eggs. i was starving. i didn't have a job to go to. i did help my friend shop for someone in the health food store and accompanied her, carrying a flat of eggs, all the way to her destination across town.

last night, i emailed the list of you tube clips of queen esther to someone who knows how to download them into a dvd. hopefully, he will do it this evening. it was amazing to discover that in 2006, an epic movie about the story of purim was made. it was called 'one night with the king'. who knew? it is a ridiculous hollywood love story with a biblical theme. i guess it's like charlton heston playing moses. i found the trailer and it will make for a lot of fun on purim night. i also found the dinner scene from 'for your consideration'. this was a christopher guest film about the oscars. it has a movie,'home for purim' within the movie. it is truly hilarious.

after i dropped the eggs off for my friend, i went over to the supermarket. i bought more paper goods for purim and some spreads i can serve the ladies. the prices were extremely high. i bought potatoes, fish, lettuce and veggies, in case the kids are coming for shabbat. i also bought a few bottles of inexpensive wine to make sangria. i bought white and dark chocolate chips to make purim shapes. i also bought peanut butter to make healthy carob fudge. i bought a humongous bag of rice krispies, because thay were out of the small ones. i have a recipe for chocolate, peanut butter clusters. i can always give the kids the rest of the cereal. and i can give some clusters to the neighbors for purim.

i finally put away my groceries. i want to make tahina sesame cookies and apple sesame cookies for purim. if i have any left over peanut butter, i'll make cookies with it. i did buy the small jar. i wanted to make date filling for the hamentashen but i forgot to buy the dates. i can start with poppy seed. i don't know why i bother at all. my hamentashen are not greatly received. i even bought a bag of white flour this year. why torture everyone with rye and whole wheat??

i didn't buy any booze this year. i couldn't afford a bottle of rum. i have one cup of baccardi left and i am going to make myself a bottle of pina coladas for the day time. there will be no rum balls this year. i have about the same amount left of good vodka and i am planning on making a pitcher of screwdrivers for the day, too. i have about a cup left of the dewars whiskey from last purim, and i am going to make up a bunch of frozen 'irish coffee' for the ladies on wed. night. i will also serve sangria. if the boys want to drink they can have the araq, the potent licorice like booze. i stay clear of it after having had a black out many, many, years ago.

my son tried on his costume and he looked completely hysterical in the black afro wig with the long white lab coat and stethoscope. we all had a well deserved hearty chuckle. my daughter in law even put on tiny pink sunglasses on the baby girl. sahar, not wanting to be outdone, put on a pair of sunglasses shaped like beer glasses. is it purim yet? let's face it, right after purim, it's cleaning for pesach once again.

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  1. Drooling at the imagery of your foods!
    Whole wheat and rye are fine by me-it's the poppy seed or coconut that I'm not into. Tehina cookies or PB melt in the mouth-yum!
    Wish I wasn't such a home night-owl but I'm not so into the drinking. Enjoy-you are in the Zone!