Monday, February 13, 2012

Dreams Can Come True

it is 8:00 a.m. in the holy city of zefat. i am up bright and early this morning because i want to bring over a few items to my sister before i go to the dentist. she is travelling to india this morning. her daughter sarah gave birth to a girl yesterday. she named her after our mom. we all cried for joy. it was very emotional.

this is the fifth grandchild that was born in the 3 year period since mom passed away. my niece is chabad and they have the custom of naming their children after the rebbis and family of their sect. my son and wife have gone the esoteric hebrew biblical route in naming their children. i truly, never dreamed that my mom would have a namesake. i had made peace with that. just like i don't expect them to name their future child after me, zelda.

mom went by her popular american name, jeanette. her jewish name was 'charna'. she told us sometime before she died that her father had always called her 'cherna'. he had a different dialect from his wife. mom prefered his version. from that day forward we called her 'cherna'. surprisingly, both versions were noted on her ketuba. we put 'cherna' on her grave stone.

yesterday evening, i went to a dream workshop. my friends' twin sister came to visit her. she is a respected pyscho drama and dream therapist in florida. i mistakenly, thought the workshop was about realizing one's dreams and goals. it was actually, about confronting and understanding one's dreams. you know, you have an idealic dream about having a baby and after this process you come away with the realization that your grown up son is a piece of work.

i was a bit tired and didn't fully participate in the process. i couldn't even remember having had a dream in ages. i guess one needs a fair amount of rem sleep first. i don't remember the last time i had a good sleep, either. i guess i was counting on a 'dreams come true' ophrah winfrey type of seminar. you know, the one where someone gives you a wad of cash, or a new car, or a ticket to your favorite concert. i think i watch way too much television.

anyway, i'm on my way to the dentist to continue the 'dream' of getting my mouth put back in order. i dream that i will have a long and loving relationship with my new niece 'cherna geula' and that someday, i will be able to truly spoil this namesake with presents. in the meanwhile, i will send over the purim costumes that i made with a purim cd and dream that i'll be able to send them some money in the future.

may all our dreams be fulfilled now!!!

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  1. Makes me glad I did not go to the dream workshop.
    I totally understand fear and worry of dentist.
    At least and the best is the newest baby and namesake!