Thursday, February 18, 2010


10 p.m. thursday night in the holy city of zefat. i have been on the move all day. i made it to yoga at 9:00 a.m. even though i didn't fall asleep until after 4:00 a.m. my mind was racing about all the things i needed to do today and i couldn't turn it off. i guess, the cup of coffee that i drank at about 10:00 p.m., didn't help me to relax so much.

zvi was rather grumpy this morning and very upset about not having a clean shirt for work. i never got around to doing the laundry. he complained about having a really terrible pain in his belly button. he also said that he had been suffering for a couple of days. i told him that it sounded like a hernia, and that he had to go directly to the doctor and not to work. he called his boss and squared it with him. luckily, he got an appointment right away, with the only decent doctor at our health insurance carrier. i offered to babysit because zvi needed his 'wifey' to take him to the doctor. however, gal told me to go to yoga and took the baby to her mother's.

yoga was empty so it was like having a private lesson. i kept worrying about zvi and wondering if he was being sent to the hospital. after exercise, i got a lift to town. i went to the clinic to see if zvi was still there but he had already left. i went over to the x-ray department to ask if he had been there, but he hadn't. so i went about my errands. i found a pair of cheap, cowboy look-a-like boots for zvi and i bought him a mock leather cowboy hat. i also bought him a toy gun and a lot of caps. i guess it's pretty weird to be buying a costume for a 23 year old man.

i kept on thinking all day, that, if i just continue to do my errands for purim, everything will be all right. i bought so many things in town that i misplaced a few. i even managed to buy 4 cartons of fresh soy milk with the politically, correct heksher on it. i came home and started making muffins. i'm not used to using white sugar and white flour, so everything looked strange. i made about 3 dozen medium sized corn muffins, 2 dozen chocolate muffins and 4 dozen chocolate chip muffins. i decided to call it quits for tonight. i would have liked to make one more dozen of something else, but i ran out of eggs. i actually, did have 2 eggs left, but i wanted to scramble them for dinner. i'm way too tired now to cook.

the kids finally came home and zvi was interested in seeing what i had bought for him. the boots were great but too tight. the hat was bent so i have to go back to town and exchange it for a straight one. i have to put up more posters tomorrow and exchange the cowboy hat and return the boots and buy another pair of boots, that i saw, in another store, in the next size. i also have to do the laundry and make a shabbat meal because the kids are staying home. zvi needs an operation on monday. he will be going out of town, thank goodness! zefat is not the place to be operated on.

perhaps, i'll buy a prepared grilled chicken in town tomorrow. i have a small package of chopped meat and i'll make some meatballs and stuff them into artichoke bottoms. once again, i need to buy some potatoes. it will be an easy shabbat for sure. i won't be able to bake a lot tomorrow, so i'll have to resume on motsei shabbat. good shabbos to one and all!


  1. i have been reading the comments. who are you john? why don't you become a member. anyway i like your comments. you sound like a spiritual guy. you are right, yoga definatelly lifts the spirits. we don't meditate in this class. it's mostly stretching and a little tai chi. but it really loosens up the body and goves you energy.

  2. omg! so zvi does have a hernia? he's going to haifa, or where? refua shelaima!
    good luck on all your baking. sh sh.

  3. It's a good thing you convinced Zvi to go on to the doctor! Hope his surgery goes well.

    Wish I had a chocolate chip muffin!!

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