Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Beggining To Look A lot like Purim

8:30 p.m. in the holy town of zefat. it's unusually warm and we're all feeling tired from the extreme changes in the weather. i 'lounged' around all morning. the loads of laundry are really starting to pile up. tomorrow, i have my thursday morning yoga class at 9:00 a.m. and then i'm scheduled to hang posters for the purim play, all over town. the porpoise suit that i bought yesterday, did not fit sahar. it wasn't all that small, but the porpoise head did not reach anywhere near to his head. gal came home from town today, with an even better costume. she bought a little prince type of outfit with a rather, arabian looking gold hat. i think he's more of a jewish prince than a fish, any day.

i stopped by the artist colony to pick up more fliers and to discuss the refreshments. i volunteered to do all the baking. i spent a couple of hours, shopping for paper goods and buying little party favors to decorate the tables. i finally returned the small toaster oven to the store because one of the dials broke off after only a month. actually, my summer tenant broke it but that's another story. i would have been happy with just a dial but i guess it was easier to send it back to the factory and give me a new one. i also returned the popcorn maker to another store. it stopped working the third or fourth time that i used it. i also managed to bake a dozen zucchini muffins, a niles perch with teriyaki sauce and sweet potatoes and send it off to the grieving family. i had some left over whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce from last night's dinner with the kids and my niece and husband and baby so i added it to the package.

i still need to buy coffee, tea, and sugar tomorrow. i'll buy the milk for the coffee on the morning of the show. i decided to make everything in the form of cupcakes and muffins. the only catch here is that they can't be dairy. i also, can't use the oranges from my tree because of kashrut concerns. i can't add raisins because of kashrut problems and i can't use nuts for health reasons. i will go and visit my sister after yoga to get my muffin tins back and to try to find soy milk with the politically correct heksher at the store under her apartment. i will stick to chocolate muffins, chocolate chip muffins, gingerbread muffins, and corn muffins, depending on finding soy milk.

zvi says that he wants to dress up as a cowboy for purim. that's his way of trying to get me to buy him cowboy boots. good luck! so one more thing i have to do tomorrow, is to check out the gemachs for second hand boots and a plaid shirt. and i have to buy him a cowboy hat, if he is really serious about this. for the past couple of years he was a pirate like jonnie depp. my plan of attack tommorrow, is to go to yoga, head over to my sister's place, go to town and check out the second hand stores for boots and a plaid shirt, buy a cowboy hat, poster the town, pick up some muffin papers and eggs and start baking. oh gosh, i forgot about all the laundry. i'm not cooking for shabbat so i guess i'll be doing laundry on friday.

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  1. Please take a picture of your grandson in his prince outfit and post it for us to see!

    Good luck with all that baking!