Thursday, February 11, 2010

Active / Inactive

it's thursday afternoon in the holy city of zefat. today i'm being active. yesterday, i didn't get out of bed except for making some food and letting the dogs out. i way overdid it on tuesday and i couldn't move on wednesday. i haven't really slept well since the kids have been out of town.

i jumped out of bed and let the doggies out on tuesday morning around 8:00 a.m. i said the morning brachas and had a hand full of nuts and caught the bus to town. i headed straight for the bank to get a letter for bituach leumi. the bank was empty so i headed right over to the national insurance office. i got the security guard to translate the form for me and apparently, i was reporting for the first time, inheriting a house. my daughter- in- law had helped me with the first form and i guess she let the 'cat out of the bag'. we shall see what will be!

i borrowed a pen from the clerk behind the desk. i returned it her when i finished. when i needed it again, the other security guard told me to go home and get a pen. i can just imagine that happening in a government office in the states. anyway, i told the guard to 'chill' as best as i could in hebrew. i had to drop the form into the outdoor postal box, because the clerk refused to take it from me. what a nice bunch of people they are!

i then walked over to the seniors' group on the next street. it was already 9:30 a.m. i was on my way to the office to ask if i could switch my tuesdays for wednesdays, when the social worker/director thanked me profusely for coming in on tuesdays. she said it was a tremendous help. there goes yoga on tuesdays! the seniors group was fuller this week. they had two new men. one of the gentlemen is russian and doesn't speak, hebrew, english or yiddish. he does smile alot. the floor worker speaks a bit russian so he isn't really neglected. murray and bertha were both back, so there were 11 in all. i brought in oranges and tangerines from my garden. i just baked sesame cookies to bring them next week.

after i said goodbye to the group, i hustled on down to the unemployment office. i stopped for a moment to check out the purim costumes in town. i bought the perfect clown suit and hat for my nieces' toddler. i then went down the block to pick up the posters for the purim show. i had only had one coffee and a few nuts for the whole morning, and i was beginning to feel a bit weak. i thought about going home for lunch but instead, i spent the next 4 hours taping fliers all over the old city, town, and the artist quarter. i called it quits at 4:00 p.m. i decided to go and visit my sister and see my grandnephew, menachem mendush. i was excited to see if the clown suit would fit him. i walked the 20 minute hill to canaan. i hung up fliers as i pushed on up the hill. when i got to the housing project, i put up more fliers around the complex.

as soon as we put the clown hat on m.m., he started to clown around. he was so happy! it was a perfect fit, too. i finally had something to eat around 7:00 p.m. it felt like a fast day. i stuck around til about 10:00 p.m. i wanted to walk home but i was just, too tired. i couldn't fall asleep, but i did hit the t.v. couch immediately. yesterday, i didn't budge.

i woke up this morning, after the dog abruptly, catapulted off my head. i made a rush to get to my yoga class. my foot started to hurt again, yesterday. the pain seems to come and go. thank goodness it went. i baked a batch of cranberry muffins to send over to the family that was in mourning last week. i want to make a meal for them today and make some kind of kugel for them. i also need to clean the house and cook the majority of the shabbat meal today. hopefully, my friends will be joining us for shabbat.


  1. our snow storm was a bust! it snowed heavily for all 5 minutes. it's actually, warm again but not inside the house.

  2. Why was the clerk so upset about the pen?

  3. can't wait to hear how Shabbat was!

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