Friday, July 28, 2017

Another Friday Morning

it is 9:30 a.m. in the holy city of safed.   the grandkids slept over last night.  I haven't really slept much lately.  I've been binge watching the first three seasons of Homeland.  I know they already broadcasted six seasons but we are a bit behind the times here in the holy land.  I went to sleep with each grandkid wrapped around me at 10:00 p.m.  the grandson got up 6:00 a.m.  the dogs didn't want to go out this morning.  it is still pretty hot here.  after I blog, I'll go downstairs so the kids can swim in the pool.

I already cooked a few chicken legs in spicy tomato sauce, some buckwheat groats and some tuna steaks in a hot sauce for my Shabbat dinner tonight.  I also made cottage cheese pancakes.  this time I added oatmeal and they aren't as light as the previous ones and a bit bitter.  I didn't add a banana this time, either.  I had only one left and my grandson may want it later. I just might help myself to a drizzle of honey tomorrow morning.  I went to the outdoor market on Wednesday with my grandson.  he's been with me every day this week.

I only bought some grapes, nectarines and figs from my 'man' this week.  I bought a lot of unroasted pistachios, almonds and sunflower seeds.  I think I ate too much this week.  even though, I stop eating at 8:00 p.m., I feel like I gained weight.  I just don't sleep or move enough to lose any weight.  it's very discouraging.  I think it's been a month now that I started my new eating regimen.  I used to lose on the 'south beach' but I don't think I can give up fruit at this point.  from every thing I read, fruit helps lose belly fat.  who knows?

I think I will be home alone on Shabbat.  I've had the grandkids all week and I need some alone time.  I will go to my synagogue and stay for the Kiddush but go home and eat my own food this week.  I have a novel that I have been wanting to read and haven't opened for weeks.  I need to return it next week to the English library downtown.  I also have to pay my water bill.  it's been too hot to schlepp down to their office lately.  my grandson doesn't like to go to town with me.  he did agree to go the shuk on Wednesday because he knew I would buy him a toy and some treats there.  there is a local bus that stops directly in front of the market so it's very doable.

I need to wash the floors.  the pincher dog has become incontinent.  she makes wherever she is.  she does go outside but she 's lost it.  she was never 100% trained but this is pretty bad.  the grandkids tell me to get her a 'shot' but I can't reconcile putting her down just yet. she still walks, eats and goes outside and sleeps with me.  I will do the floors after the kids have their time in the pool.  traditionally, you don't swim during the 'nine days' before the fast of tisha b'av.  my son's Rabbi said  that if I stay close to the pool and watch them every moment, they can be in the pool.  I can't go in and I have to stand next to the pool to see them. 

I bought extra veggies in case anyone wanted to join me for Shabbat meals.  I think i'll make the kids some chips later.  I like raw veggies more than cooked, these days.  I truly enjoy raw beets.  I bought  prepared chumus because I ran out of chickpeas.  I do prefer homemade to store bought.  there is a chumus restaurant in rosh pina.  they serve it warm with hard cooked eggs.  it's pretty yummy.  I made some boiled eggs.  I think I'll make a nicoise- like salad for third meal with the left over tuna.

all I do is think about food,  is it any wonder that I can't shed the pounds?

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