Monday, April 3, 2017

Countdown To Pesach 2017

it is 7:00 p.m. in the holy city of safed.  I just got back from the small supermarket.  I needed something to eat.  I have been existing on chocolate and potato chips.  not good at all!.  I just had a tuna sandwich on a pita and I feel like a person.  I also had a banana and a chocolate bar.  I won't be eating any more chocolate on pesach.  I bought some avocados and I wonder if they will ever ripen.  they are pretty hard right now.

I spent about 6 hours washing the floors in the downstairs apartment.  the kids never cleaned up after they moved out.  I spent hours moving all of the left behind sheets, blankets, towels and dishes upstairs.  I have an entire closet full of old baby clothes.  I have more glassware and coffee cups than I know what to do with.  this morning, I threw tons of buckets of soapy water everywhere.  I washed all 4 bedrooms and the enormous laundry room, which now poses as a party room.  I also did a few batches of laundry while I was sponging the floors.  sunshine is truly marvelous!

I even managed to clear away all of the purim costumes and props in the computer room and did a sponger there, too.   I just made the bed and the room is ready for pesach.  I will make the bed in the 'blue' room, aka guest room, tomorrow.  I truly need to get to town.  a neighbor asked about renting the downstairs for the Seder night.  well, now it's clean.  I even did some of the kitchen windows.  we shall see.  I think that we can all manage on my floor.  the kids can take the master bedroom and the grandkids and I can sleep together in the blue room.

I need to clean the master bedroom, next.  that's a real drag.  I have tons of clothes all over the place, the windows need washing, the porch is a mess and the bathroom is dirty.  I need to get all of the dog hair off of the bed with a lint brush.  I don't have a functioning vacuum cleaner.  I hope to get into the master bedroom tomorrow.  the front porch windows look marvelous.  they are a bit streaked from the rain but they are so clean and clear.  you can see lake kinneret from the porch now.  it was warm today but now it is chilly.  I did the floors in my fuzzy slippers and sweats.  I destroyed them.  bleach stains for days!

my kitchen outcove is done.  I washed the gas range and oven yesterday.  I covered the counters with tin foil and I took out my pesach toaster oven.  its huge.  I couldn't put the wooden board back to cover the hutch.  somehow, I lifted it to retrieve the oven but I'm not strong enough to put it back.  I will look for a neighbor to help me tomorrow.  one of my mean neighbors kicked my small dog today while he was shooing them back into my front yard patio.  I just happened to see him do it and I let out a scream.  I threatened to call the police.  I spoke in English so I don't know if he understood me.  I spent the day thinking of revenge.

my dogs keep going out scavenging for food.  they come home each night with bones.  lots of folks here are barbecuing these days.  unfortunately, people are tossing their bread all over the place and my dogs keep coming in with it.  are we having fun yet?  I need to do a quick clean up in the living room.  I already washed all of the cut-glass and polished the furniture.  it shouldn't be a hard job.

last year, I found hundreds of maggots and worms on the couch, when I took off the spread.  apparently, one of the dogs had left a fish head on the couch and I didn't see it.  that was the most horrible sight ever.  I wish I had some money to buy a new couch spread.  I just can't swing it right now.  i'll just have to wash the one I have or find something else in the linen closet.  I would love to buy a small couch for the t.v. corner but I doubt that will happen, either.  I want to go to town tomorrow to check out the local furniture store.

I need to pay my electric bill, water bill and city tax bill.  they are all way overdue.  I need to buy a bedikas chometz set, a new afikomen bag, and I need to sell my chometz at the rabbinate.  I better get out early before I tackle one more bedroom.  once I start cleaning I can't stop.  and then I get so tired I can't do anything else.  I  am quite lucky that the grandkids are in day camp.  I can't imagine having them here while I'm working.  I also have to take my new peeler to the mikveh.  it's just finding the time and doing it.

ever year I hope that I don't come down to the wire.  every year I hope that I can start cooking the day before the seder.  I think that I just might be able to cook early this year.  wouldn't that be a hoot!  I just have to buckle down and finish the house.  I have been working on this for weeks now.  I am not planning on making Shabbat food.  I  have my bags of pitas and my cans of tuna fish.  I can always shnoor a meal with my friends.

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