Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sliding Backwards

it is 9:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  it's been a while since I blogged.  I was busy running around town doing blood tests and EKGs and chest x-rays.   my son turned the big 30 and his wife threw him a surprise party downstairs.  I spent the day in the hospital in ramat gan seeing the nurse, anesthesiologist and surgeon from the neurological department.  I got cleared for brain surgery.  I got to see the unit and somehow I felt less afraid.

I came back to zefat in time to surprise my son with his extended family and friends.  I was pretty exhausted.  I kept the grandkids with me upstairs when they got tired and testy.  my daughter-in-law cleaned up and they left after 1:00 a.m.  I did not fall asleep that night.  I woke up feeling under the weather.  I made it to synagogue on Saturday morning but woke up on Sunday pretty ill.  I stayed in bed for days.  everyone told me that I had 8 days to recover before the surgery.  I knew that it would take more time to heal.  I didn't want to be pressured to make the date.

I relapsed every other day as I started to feel well and moved around.  I knew that it was just a virus but still didn't imagine going in for surgery.  on Friday I went to see the doctor.  I knew that it wasn't bronchial because I didn't feel that awful.  I've had pneumonia and bronchitis the last couple of winters.  I really wanted a doctor's letter to send to the hospital more than a diagnoses or prescription for some cough medicine.  I faxed the hospital on Sunday and felt immediately better.

I hope my friends and family, who sent me money aren't upset with me for cancelling the surgery.  most of my close friends and acquaintances here, have said it is all in the hands of the One above.  I think the majority consensus is that this tumor will simply go away by itself.  no one really wants me to undergo the surgery.  I even lined up three blood donors who donated a pint, each, in my name.  I am still feeling a bit weak and heady.  I have been minding the grandkids lately, and I find that I am bereft of any energy the next day.

when I have the slightest amount of energy, I cook meals and bake muffins to freeze.  my freezer is full.  I joked with my son and friends, that in the case I don't make it out of surgery, there is tons of food to feed the mourners.  sometimes, you got to laugh.  my son and daughter-in-law had planned to take me to the surgery and stay over until after the surgery.  they had already taken off form work.  I had to let them know right away that I was planning on cancelling for now.  I was not going to travel all the way to the center of the country to see the doctors there to be sent all the way back to zefat, when they deemed me unfit for surgery.

a new date has not yet been scheduled.  I am in no hurry.  I can't even think about it right now.  I still have one last mezuzah to take in to be checked.  I never made it to the lawyer to make a living will or change the name on the deed.  I have several repairs downstairs that didn't get taken care of, either. 

I have been trying to get a bit of alone time so I could see the inauguration and hear the speech.  I've seen snippets on the internet on Fox news.  I am disgusted by the Obamas, especially Michelle, and by most of the elitist leftist hollywood.  I have lived through a lot of presidents.  I was born at the tail end of the Eisenhower administration.  I was a preteen when Kennedy got assassinated.   I marched in Washington against the Vietnam war and I was a member of the women's lib movement on campus.  my family were devout democrats and yet I only voted once when I turned 18.  I never voted again.

somehow, I started leaning towards the right as I lived in Israel.  and now I am only concerned with the survival of my country.  the Jewish nation sees Trump as sort of a Messiah.  we can only wait and see and pray that he will bring help to the middle east.  I do not care about his theatrics.  I am a reality television junkie, anyway.  I was very pleased with his wife's dresses.  they were chic and modest.  I never liked Obama's wearing the gap.  the America that I knew does not exist today.  I guess that is the same for the world, too.  I am so over political correctiveness.  if that is even a word.  I don't know if trump will be able to whip the economy into shape or not.  Obama didn't achieve much.

I saw ellen DE generous thank him personally for making it possible to marry her wife.  will that be his major achievement after 8 years in office??  I am not a big fan.  he was no friend to Israel.  I am glad to see him gone.  I truly wonder if Trump will be able to unfreeze building in settlements, and make Jerusalem our official capital.  citizens born in Jerusalem do not have Israel posted on their passports.

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