Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Spin The Draidel 2015

it is 4:30 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  I just got back from a playdate on the next street.  a lovely young mother of 3, invited us to play with her kids.  two out of the three kids are in the same gans.  we met at a local Chanukah party in the nearby community center.

it was way too crowded and over heated.  today was a lovely and warm day.  the sun was pretty strong and you didn't even need a coat.   I got stuck carrying mine as well as the kids' coats.  I took out a huge loan yesterday at the bank.  my checks were bouncing all over the place.  I needed some breathing space.  I ended up taking out more than I truly needed thanks to the bank clerk who was doing some fancy financial hullabaloo.  I was flush today. I spent $10 on the party and another $10 at the bakery.

I will be paying off this Chanukah for the next three years.  go know!  I plan on taking the kids to a production of the 'ugly duckling' in town tomorrow.  we then have a haircutting ceremony in Meron,  followed by a celebratory dinner in the evening.  the daughter-in-law is taking the kids to 'toys are us' to buy Chanukah gifts.   I don't have the strength to go to town now to buy a gift for the three year old birthday boy.

my check to the gas company was returned.  I don't think they have an office in zefat.  I called the number for the guy who schlepps the gas balloons to zefat and I tried to arrange for him to come over so that I could redeem my check with cash.  well, that didn't  happen today.  it's hard to navigate this world  without a cell phone.  yet, I resist using mine.  I could try again in the morning but i'll be out all day.

I just thought of a good idea.  I will ask my daughter-in-law to buy something from the clothes store where she works for her nephew.  of course, I will reimburse her when she returns.  that way I can rest now and not have to jump on a bus.  I do need to jump to the supermarket up here to buy a carton of milk.  my friend is out of town and I have been coming over to feed the outdoor cats they have more or less benefactored, as of late.  they called me last night to come over and get a bag of milk that expires today.  I, of course, need to schlepp on over there and replace the expired bag with a fresh one.

it is very dark outside and the street lights haven't come on yet.  I think I will treat the cats to a bag of milk.   this young mom of three gave me a brand new doggie bed, a bag of top quality dog food and treats.  I see that money is not lacking in this household.  they brought in a puppy and apparently someone stole it.  that happens a lot in zefat.  for some strange reason people/kids steal dog collars off  dogs' necks here.  pretty bizarre!  her 3 small kids were afraid of the puppy.  my grandkids are crazy for dogs, having grown up with two, and now three dogs in my house.

I went off  my diet a bit.  yesterday I had potato latkes and today I had a greasy pita with olive oil and zatar.  I think that's hyssops in English.  I then had two barekas with salty cheese and half a small bag of chocolate milk.  I also had half of a strawberry flavored leban.  however, I didn't succumb to eating a fried donut yet.  I think I will p ass on those and get back to my carb free diet tomorrow.  I allow myself carbs on Shabbat.

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