Thursday, December 17, 2015

For He's A Jolly Good Fella

it is 5:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.   tonight is my son's 29th birthday.  that's right folks, I gave birth to an 8 pound baby boy right here in the holy city of zefat, many years ago.   I have been struggling with the flu since Sunday morning.   I am at last, back on my feet.   it has been awful. 

I was talking with a gal pal on Friday morning and she had just gotten over a stomach virus.   I  could have sworn that I caught the flu from her over the telephone.  I know that stranger things have happened.  I somehow, had a strong appetite through out the week.  I didn't take any aspirin or flu tablets.  I have a psychological problem swallowing pills.   I must have been feverish because I kept on seeing moving objects.  I actually thought I saw a huge black rat.

I never got to put away the Chanukah menorahs or wash the remaining Shabbat dishes.  I stayed in bed under the comforter huddled with the 3 dogs for days at a time.  I was able to get up to pish and make cups of tea.  showering or getting dressed was not possible.  I wore about three layers of heavy clothing.  I had muscle pains and sciatic twinges.  I ate toast from left over frozen challah rolls and whatever else I could scavenge from downstairs.  I had a bit of Shabbat food leftover which I went through very early in the game.  I didn't lose an ounce.  as I imbibed lots of carbs, I may have even gained some weight.

I slept through most of the week.  I kept the t.v. on but slept through all of the programing.  I managed to stay awake for the X Factor finale but I kept on schmoozing through 'Fargo' and 'The
 affair.  I craved sugar but was afraid to have any.  I had a couple of strawberry yogurts and a bar of halvah.  they tasted awful.  I was craving orange juice but didn't have any oranges.  the daughter-in-aw doesn't buy fruit from the right place for me, kashrut wise.   I did have a banana each day.  pretty heavy on the carbs.

 I bought a digital scale today.  my scale is probably about 15 years old and I don't think it's accurate.  family members and friends have been complaining about my scale for years.  the consensus is that it is on the plus side.  I'm actually afraid of digital scales, myself.   we shall see.  I need to shed all of my layers before I attempt to weigh myself.  it cost only $20 so I'm not all that concerned about it.

the Sephardi grandma was on call this week.  I still had to pick up the kids on Tuesday and it was traumatic for me.  I was so sick.  I couldn't get it together to call a cab so I walked to the gan.  it was a lovely day but I was very weak.  going there was okay but the return walk was tricky.  I felt a bit faint and couldn't find a cab.  I got home and couldn't handle the kids.  they were very rambunctious and aggressive with me.  it was their first day back to gan and they were overtired and violent.  I ended up passing out on the t.v. sofa.

my son expected me to bathe the kids but I physically could not.  I am very lucky that the kids are going to the Sephardi family for Shabbat.  I thought that I was going to have to cook tomorrow.  I didn't really want to go to the supermarket today but I needed to buy a birthday cake.  I was in no shape to bake a cake, either.  I bought some veggies to make a chicken soup for myself and a couple of challah rolls for Shabbat.  one evening my son ordered in some spicy Chinese chicken soup.  it truly relieved my throat of any pain.  boy was it hot!!!

I took a cab to the pharmacy to buy a gift for my son.  I couldn't really afford a bottle of cologne and I wouldn't know what to buy.  the saleslady wanted to start spraying me and I had to decline in order not to start a coughing and choking fit in the store.  I bought a bunch of face wash and deodorants and body gels.  every thing was on sale.  I think I spent about $30 and another $10 for the cake and $13 on cabs. 

the big kids went off to the maul and I picked up the small kids.  I got back from my shopping spree and felt really awful.  the weather changed and it started to rain.  I called my neighbor and enlisted her help in picking up the grandkids with me.  I was a bit short in the cash department to order any more cabs.  next week I have to pay some bills and straighten out the finance situation.  I 'blew my wad' during Chanukah.  I went through the loan money pretty fast, too.

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