Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Pesach The Holiday 2015

it is 10:00 p.m. in the holy city of zefat.  we just got back from a children's show in Tiberius.  I was starving.  the kids had pesach pizza and I had none.  I don't eat out on pesach.  I only eat what I cook.  and I have been doing a bit of cooking this holiday.

I took the kids to the petting zoo in zefat on sunday.  I used to live across the street from it.   my son grew up there.  it was our backyard for many years.  I cabbed it to town.  I needed to get to the post office.  my big sister sent me some cash for the holiday.  I brought a picnic basket of potato chips, cake, hard cooked eggs, tangerines, and apple juice to the zoo.  I had tried to feed them before we left but they weren't hungry. all they had was two rounds of chocolate milk and some matzo meal cookies.

it was not easy chasing after the two kids.  we all walked back to town for ices.  it was not an easy walk for any of us.  when we finally made it to town I couldn't find any place open.  I wanted to buy the kids something to eat.  I found a small candy and nuts shop open and bought the kids ices on a stick.  I let out a scream in the store when the kids started touching and sampling the candy.  a Sephardi grandmother told me off.  I seamed like a lunatic, I know, but after being alone with them for hours I was freaked out.

we passed a bakery with pesach pizza but the kids didn't want any.  I found a cab and we whizzed home.  I fed their mom, Israeli salad, leftover orange chicken and mashed potatoes.  later on that evening I cooked up a package of asparagus for my son and heated up the remaining chicken for him. 

the next day we went to the Haifa zoo.  what a wonderful place!  we saw a lion, and white Bengal tigers.  we saw polar bears, a kangaroo, water turtles, and lots of snakes.  we also saw pink flamingos, giant cranes and countless other animals.   we did a lot of walking and climbing.  I was beat.  I got up at the crack of dawn to fry up some chicken cutlets for the trip.  the daughter-in-law fried up matzo sandwiches, too.  I packed up a picnic basket with drinks, fruit, cutlery, plates, napkins, cake, chips and salad.  we sat in the grass and grazed.  I even brought ketchup and salt.

we made a barbecue when we came home.  we had tons of steak, lamb chops, chicken wings, franks and goose liver and wine.  I made a ton of fries.  I haven't stopped making fries since.  I made 3 batches today.  I went with the daughter-in-law and kids to a Tiberius maul.  I hate mauls.  after the  kid's show the daughter-in-law did clothes shopping.  I sat while the grandson played at a Gymboree. we finally went to eat at 8:00 p.m.   I had a peeled apple while everyone else had pizza.    I had eaten vegetable soup earlier in the day but I was hungry.  I came home starving but I locked out.  my son had just made a barbecue and I was given lamb chops and steaks.  I had a bit of wine and I didn't need to make anymore chips. that's a holiday!

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